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  1. Richard Ford

    Hey, Richard here. I am working in business consulting and a mentoring firm named Startup Formations. I have experience in blogging as well. My aim is to help startup companies and entrepreneurs to...

  2. Flash Farm

    Flash Farm's mission is foster love and share hope with vulnerable youth through the use of a unique animal assisted therapeutic program.Flash Farm is a purpose built therapeutic centre for vulnerable youth to come and experience life in a tranquil farm setting and undertake...

  3. The Effects of Cooking Process and Meat Inclusion on Pet Food Flavor and Texture Characteristics

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Kadri Koppel, Michael Gibson, Sajid Alavi, Greg Aldrich

    The pet food industry is an important portion of the food and feed industries in the US. The objectives of this study were (1) to determine cooking method (baking or extrusion), meat inclusion (0 or 20%), and extrusion thermal to mechanical energy ratios (low, medium, and high) effects on sensory...

  4. How to do everything better.

  5. Ratatouille : an animated account of cooking, taste, and human evolution

    Contributor(s):: Brandes, Stanley H.

  6. England's Sacred Beast?

    Contributor(s):: Claridge, Jordan

  7. How the chicken conquered the world

    Contributor(s):: Adler, Jerry, Lawler, Andrew

  8. Influence of gentle touching applied few weeks before slaughter on avoidance distance and slaughter stress in finishing cattle

    Contributor(s):: Probst, J. K., Hillmann, E., Leiber, F., Kreuzer, M., Neff, A. S.

  9. Gentle touching in early life reduces avoidance distance and slaughter stress in beef cattle

    Contributor(s):: Probst, J. K., Neff, A. S., Leiber, F., Kreuzer, M., Hillmann, E.

  10. America's healthiest 100

  11. Acute inhalant toxicoses of cagebirds

    Contributor(s):: Duff, P.