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  1. Beyond Therapy Dogs: Coordinating Large-Scale Finals Week Activities

    Contributor(s):: Flynn, Holly

  2. Animal welfare in disaster management

    Contributor(s):: Vroegindewey, G.

  3. SLO Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding

    At SLO (San Luis Obispo) Hoofbeats our mission is to improve the lives of individuals with physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities through the healing power of the horse.

  4. Cloud Dancers Therapeutic Horsemanship Program, Inc.

    Cloud Dancers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides equine-assisted experiences for individuals who are mentally, physically, emotionally or socially challenged.

  5. Therapeutisches Reiten für herzkranke Kinder [Therapeutic Riding for Children with Congenital Heart Disease]

    | Contributor(s):: Schickendantz, Sabine, Bjarnason-Wehrens, Birna, Sticker, Elisabeth, Dordel, Sigrid, Sreeram, Narayanwami, Drache, Marion

  6. Coordinated spring survey of mid-continent sandhill cranes

    The aerial transect portion of the coordinated spring survey of mid-continent sandhill cranes was conducted on 23 March in Nebraska's Platte and North Platte River valleys. The 2005 photo corrected aerial estimate was 491,900 birds. Outside the traditional aerial transect portion, observers...

  7. Dog attack: Physical trauma with associated brain injury

    | Contributor(s):: Apps, Jennifer Niskala

  8. Wolves, bees, and football: Enhancing coordination in sociotechnological problem solving systems through the study of human and animal groups

    | Contributor(s):: Eccles, David W., Groth, Paul T.