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  1. The value assigned to six different rooting materials by growing pigs

    Contributor(s):: Jensen, M. B., Pedersen, L. J.

    According to EU legislation pigs must have access to rooting material, and the aim of the study was to quantify growing pigs' preferences among six different rooting materials. The relative attractiveness of six rooting materials was assessed in an operant conditioning set-up using concurrent...

  2. The effect of type of rooting material and space allowance on exploration and abnormal behaviour in growing pigs

    Contributor(s):: Jensen, M. B., Studnitz, M., Pedersen, L. J.

    The experiment aimed to investigate the effect of type of rooting material and space allowance on explorative and abnormal behaviour in growing pigs. Thirty-six pens with partly slatted concrete floor were allocated to one of four treatments: (1) low space allowance and maize silage as rooting...

  3. Acid-base responses of fat-adapted horses: relevance to hard work in the heat

    Contributor(s):: Kronfeld, D. S., Custalow, S. E., Ferrante, P. L., Taylor, L. E., Wilson, J. A., Tiegs, W.

    Feeding and training may affect acid-base responses to strenuous exercise. Acidosis usually correlates with higher blood lactate concentrations during intense exercise, but alkalosis has been found in horses, and higher lactate responses during sprints have been found in fat adapted horses. A...

  4. Expression of the regulation of energy balance on the ingestive behavior of grazing beef cattle supplemented by grain

    Contributor(s):: Dougherty, C. T., Bradley, N. W., Cornelius, P. L., Lauriault, L. M.

    In a 4 x 4 cross-over designed experiment, the effects of supplementation with maize grain 0, 2.5 and 5.0 kg daily to 12 tethered Angus heifers given basal grain 2.5 kg daily and grazing summer regrowth Dactylis glomerata pastures were estimated. Maize grain had no direct effect on ingestive...

  5. A dose-response trial with ziram-treated maize and free-ranging European badgers Meles meles

    Contributor(s):: Baker, S. E., Ellwood, S. A., Watkins, R. W., Macdonald, D. W.

    There are increasing demands for non-lethal methods of resolving foraging conflict between people and a wide range of wildlife species. Badgers make good models for studying human-wildlife conflict resolution, and they epitomise the circumstances driving research in this field; they cause...

  6. The husbandry, welfare and health of captive African civets ( Vivera civetica ) in western Ethiopa

    Contributor(s):: Tolosa, T., Regassa, F.

    A study was carried out during the period from September 2001 to August 2002 in Jimma zone, western Ethiopia to evaluate the husbandry and health of captive African civets (Vivera civetica). Wild civets were found in the wild in all 13 of the districts in the zone, although traditional...