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  1. The Role of Pets in Supporting Cognitive-Behavioral Chronic Pain Self-Management: Perspectives of Older Adults

    Contributor(s):: Janevic, Mary R., Shute, Varick, Connell, Cathleen M., Piette, John D., Goesling, Jenna, Fynke, Julie

  2. The lying and standing activity indices of dairy cows in free-stall housing

    Contributor(s):: Mattachini, Gabriele, Riva, Elisabetta, Provolo, Giorgio

    Behavioural activity is used as an indication of animal comfort, and lying and standing behaviours are often used as a sign of well-being in cattle and to evaluate the quality of stalls. The aim of this study was to compare the values of different behavioural indices at different scan-sampling...

  3. Optimizing rearing and welfare in Senegalese sole (Solea senegalesensis) broodstock: Effect of ambient light intensity and handling time on stress response

    Contributor(s):: Figueiredo, Filipe, Aragão, Cláudia, Pinto, Wilson, Dinis, Maria Teresa, Oliveira, Catarina C. V.

    Broodstock rearing conditions and handling procedures should be optimized in aquaculture species in order to benefit fish welfare and guarantee optimal conditions for spawning. In teleosts, basal cortisol levels display daily rhythms, oscillating along the 24 h of the day. In this sense, handling...

  4. A THEORY OF 'ANIMAL BORDERS': Thoughts and Practices toward Non-human Animals among the G|ui Hunter-Gatherers

    Contributor(s):: Sugawara, Kazuyoshi

  5. Se ladra, se pita y se grita: Perros sueltos en La Gaitana, Suba y en San Mateo, Soacha. 2010-2014

    Contributor(s):: Diez Marulanda, Jhon Alexander

    En esta investigación los perros sueltos -sin dueño y que están lejos de ser mascota- nos informan sobre las sutiles y complejas formas de relación entre las especies humanas y no humanas que cohabitamos ciudades latinoamericanas como Bogotá. También da...

  6. Animal-assisted intervention in dementia care home residents

    Contributor(s):: Wesenberg, Sandra, Werner, Jillian, Beckmann, Antje, Gerner, A., Nestmann, Frank, Holthoff, Vjera

  7. A Dog's History of America [book review]

    Contributor(s):: Kelman, Ari

  8. A Dog's History of America: How Our Best Friend Explored, Conquered, and Settled a Continent

    Contributor(s):: Coleman, Jon T.

  9. Canines To Canaan

    Contributor(s):: Spence, Clark C.

  10. The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness

    Contributor(s):: Coleman, Jon T.

  11. Westerners And Their Pets: Cherished Companions From A Bygone Day

    Contributor(s):: Palmquist, Peter E.

  12. Skeletal Biology and Paleopathology of Domestic Dogs from Prehistoric Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee

    Contributor(s):: Warren, Diane M.