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  1. Attitudes to Animals in Cyprus and the UK: Associations with Personality, Delinquency, and Morality

    Contributor(s):: Zalaf, Alexia, Egan, Vincent

    The study aim was to investigate the associations between personality factors, attitudes to animals, moral values, and delinquent behaviors, and to examine the moderating effects of gender, age, and country of origin on these associations. This was a cross-cultural comparison of residents of...

  2. Animal-assisted therapy for incarcerated youth A randomized-controlled trial

    Contributor(s):: Seivert, Nicholas P.

  3. Is childhood cruelty to animals a marker for physical maltreatment in a prospective cohort study of children?

    Contributor(s):: McEwen, Fiona S., Moffitt, Terrie E., Arseneault, Louise

  4. Positive behavioral impact of reptile-assisted support on the internalizing and externalizing behaviors of female children with emotional disturbance

    Contributor(s):: Murry, F. R., Allen, M. T.

  5. Conflict and connection: A theoretical and evaluative study of an equine-assisted psychotherapy program for at-risk and delinquent girls

    Contributor(s):: Foley, Allison Jan

  6. A Study of Firesetting and Animal Cruelty in Children: Family Influences and Adolescent Outcomes

    Contributor(s):: Becker, Kimberly D., Stuewig, Jeffrey, Herrera, Veronica M., McCloskey, Laura A.

  7. Does personality, delinquency, or mating effort necessarily dictate a preference for an aggressive dog?

    Contributor(s):: Egan, V., MacKenzie, J.