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  1. Caregiver Canines

    Caregiver Canines was started in 2009 as one of the free services provided by Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey to homebound senior citizens in Ocean County.We bring joy and companionship to the elderly, home-bound, and those with dementia by providing them with therapy dog visits. A...

  2. Dementia Dog

    The Dementia Dog Project builds services for people with dementia that brings dogs back into their lives or supports them to continue their relationship with dogs. It aims to prove that dogs can help people with dementia maintain their waking, sleeping and eating routine, remind them to take...

  3. The Dog Wish Foundation

    Dog Wish is a charitable non-profit organization that trains top quality Service Dogs, and places them with those with Autism, Dementia, PTSD, Seizures and more at cost effective rates. For over thirty years, Dog Wish has offered the best in dog training for working dogs, service dogs, and family...