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  1. Relationships between cat lovers and feral cats in Rome

    Contributor(s):: Natoli, E., Ferrari, M., Bolletti, E., Pontier, D.

    The aim of this study was to assess the relationships between cat lovers and feral cats in Rome. One hundred and fifty-eight cats from 3 populations were observed for 1108 hours of data collection: some demographic characteristics of the colonies were investigated, together with the behavior of...

  2. When a pet dies: religious issues, euthanasia and strategies for coping with bereavement

    | Contributor(s):: Davis, H., Irwin, P., Richardson, M., O'Brien-Malone, A.

    68 people from a variety of religious backgrounds and who had experienced the death of a companion animal were interviewed. Questions covered their personal experience of their pet's death, the role that their religion played in this experience and factors affecting how well they coped with...

  3. Why do even committed dog owners fail to comply with some responsible ownership practices?

    | Contributor(s):: Rohlf, V. I., Bennett, P. C., Toukhsati, S., Coleman, G.

    Various dog management behaviors must be performed by owners to promote both the welfare of dogs and community health, safety, and amenity. While most Australian dog owners are compliant with practices known to characterize responsible dog ownership, even responsible owners sometimes fail to act...

  4. Use of geospatial neighborhood control locations for epidemiological analysis of community-level pet adoption patterns

    | Contributor(s):: Patronek, G. J.

  5. Andrew Rowan

    BSc Univ of Cape Town 1968[[br]]MA (oxon), Oxford University, 1971[[br]]DPhil (biochemistry), Oxford University, 1975[[br]]Scientific Administrator, Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical...