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  1. Psychiatric Assistance Dog Use for People Living With Mental Health Disorders

    Contributor(s):: Lloyd, J., Johnston, L., Lewis, J.

  2. Controversies Regarding Service Animals in the Ambulatory Oncology Setting

    Contributor(s):: Meyer, F. L., McCrory, N., Hewitt, L.

  3. The effect of pet ownership/attachment on the stress level of multiple sclerosis patients

    Contributor(s):: Ashley Marie Loven

    Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common demyelinating disease affecting the central nervous system. Over 80% of MS patients are in the relapsing remitting stage. Symptoms range from fever, fatigue, emotional distress, tingling, numbness, optic neuritis, spasticity, muscle weakness, impaired...

  4. Angeles en Cuatro Patas (Angels on Four Legs)

    We are a rehabilitation center and nonprofit dedicated to children and adolescents with special physical and mental needs.Angels on four legs began its activity over twenty-three years ago as an idea of ​​social work aimed at children with mild and chronic disabilities. This institution devoted...

  5. Horses in Education

    Horses in Education has successfully and proudly been providing equine therapy to Indiana residents since 2010. We boast some of Indiana’s most qualified instructors and our staff is respected for its patience and expertise. Our horses have been well trained and must meet rigorous standards...

  6. Hope Haven Horse Farm

    Through the use of innovative and responsive equine therapy techniques, both on and off the horse, Hope Haven seeks to improve the confidence, self esteem and physical mobility of the people we serve. We believe that the safe, responsible use of equine therapy programs will improve the lives of...

  7. LoveWay Inc.

    LoveWay is a therapeutic riding center located in Middlebury, Indiana.  They offer therapeutic riding, equine-assisted learning, and summer camp programs.  The center serves people of all abilities and works closely with children.

  8. East Central Indiana Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

    East Central Indiana Therapeutic Riding, Inc., known as S.P.U.R. (Special People United in Riding) is a not-for-profit 501 (C)3 organization to promote the health and social development of children with special needs through equine assisted therapy.  

  9. Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding Inc.

    Our mission is to enrich the lives of individuals in the greater Indianapolis community with physical, cognitive and/or behavioral challenges through equine assisted therapies and activities.We offer year round programs in equine assisted activities, including therapeutic riding, hippotherapy and...

  10. Summit Equestrian Center

    Therapeutic horseback riding at Summit Equestrian provides the opportunity to work toward physical, emotional, social, and learning goals through horse back riding.  Our PATH Intl registered instructors provide service that  stands out in our field. As a non-profit, and as individuals,...

  11. Equestrian Crossings

    EqX is one of very few equestrian programs in the U.S. that has certified instructors dedicated to providing a wide variety of horsemanship lessons, while successfully integrating both able-bodied and adaptive students, from children to adults, into the same lessons.Formed in August of 2009, EqX...

  12. Taiwan Dr. Dog Program

    The Taiwan Dr. Dog program was initiated by Ms. Shirley Chen in 1999, with help from Animal Asia Foundation in Hong Kong. It provides regular visits to nursing homes, hospitals and special education centers in the Taipei, TaiChung and KaoHsiung areas in Taiwan.Currently, the Taiwan Dr. Dogs...

  13. Investigating the relationship between assistance dogs and their owners with physical disabilities: Complex affection or simple attachment?

    Contributor(s):: Stewart, Dawn

    This study explores the bond between persons with physical or perceptual disabilities an~d their Assistance Dogs. It was hypothesized that these relationships would be different from relationships between pet dogs and owners, and that the bonds may resemble attachment relationships. The project...

  14. Service dogs for individuals with disabilities: What happens after the honeymoon is over?

    Contributor(s):: Shubert, Janice L.

  15. Transition to adulthood: The experience of youth with physical disabilities living with a service dog

    Contributor(s):: Modlin, Susan Jane

    The focus of this qualitative descriptive study is the experience of physically disabled young people as they transition into adulthood while living with a service dog. The cornerstone of young adulthood is transition. For any young adult leaving home, the transition involves inter- and...

  16. Paws with a cause story: Joe Dulin at TEDxGrandRapidsLibrary

    Contributor(s):: Joe Dulin

    Director of Advancement for Paws With A Cause demonstrates with the aid of a client and his dog how Assistance Dogs help people with disabilities to become self-sufficient.

  17. Hearing the voices of experienced equestrians with disabilities

    Contributor(s):: McBride-Conner, Amy

  18. An Overview of Animal Facilitated Therapy

    Contributor(s):: K.l. Boucher, L.A. Will

    An 81 year old woman sat in her wheelchair in front of a window at a nursing home surrounded by her family whom she no longer recognized. She had been in the home for two years, her mental and physical health steadily deteriorating. She spoke a language all her own, no longer could anyone...

  19. Disability and Assistance Dog Implicit Association Test: A Novel IAT

    Contributor(s):: Coleman, Jennifer A., Ingram, Kathleen M., Bays, Annalucia, Joy-Gaba, Jennifer A., Boone, Edward L.

  20. Work or Play? An Exploration of the Relationships between People and their Service Dogs in Leisure Activities

    Contributor(s):: Hicks, J. R., Weisman, C. J.