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  1. Study shows dog owners are happier and less neurotic than cat owners

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    Researchers at Manhattanville College surveyed 263 pet owners and found that dog owners were happier, more conscientious, and less neurotic than cat owners.  Read about the interesting...


  2. "Citizen Canine" author on AMA

    Forum › general-discussion › hcdiscussions

    Author of "Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs" David Grimm is doing an AMA on Reddit today. There have been some interesting questions, and responses, so far...


  3. The Groundbreaking Study Proving Dogs Can Help Us to be More Fully Human

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    With approximately 1.2 million dogs euthanized in shelters annually, and thousands of young offenders serving time in juvenile correctional facilities, a proactive approach that nurtures the...


  4. Kids, Dogs Touch Same Soft Spot in the Brain: Study

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    A study done on women who are both mothers and pet owners shows that human responses to our dogs is not greatly different from the response to our children.  Read the article...


  5. Connection Between Dog Ownership and Increased Physical Activity

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    A study has found a connection between owning a dog and increased physical activity. Of the 547 older adults that were studied, the individuals who owned dogs were 12 percent more physically active...


  6. Pig the Unusual Dog

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    Hand in Paw, an Alabama based animal-assisted therapy organization, is in the process of training a dog named Pig as therapy animal. Pig is unique in that she was born with a birth defect known as...


  7. Comfort dogs at 2014 Boston Marathon

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    Boston Magazine and Dogtime.com report that the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs had a team available at the Boston Marathon yesterday. The group has had the canines available several...


  8. How Dogs Read Our Moods: Emotion Detector Found In Fido's Brain

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    This article from NPR outlines how MRIs are being used to study how dogs can sense how an individual’s emotions change. The full article can be found...


  9. All Dogs May Go to Heaven. These Days, Some Go to Hospice.

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    “More and more, cats and dogs get the human treatment. There are pet spas, pet therapists, pet clothes. And as it goes in life, so it now goes in the twilight. The latest phenomenon: pet...


  10. Earth Juice: Do Animals Have Feelings?

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    This video from Earth Juice relates to Myrna’s blog post from earlier this month about the NYT article regarding the MRIs of dogs. It includes some cool footage from Emory University of the...


  11. Great Dane predicts 3-year-old's seizures

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    A Great Dane named Charlie has become not only a pet to one Irish family, but also a protector to their 3-year-old daughter, who suffers from seizures. I personally heard this story glossed over on...


  12. Student looking for human-animal bond researchers

    Forum › general-discussion › hcdiscussions

    Hi there, I am new around here but am very excited to see such an intriguing group of people! I am currently an undergraduate student of psychology in Canada and will be applying to graduate school...


  13. Dog Kisses: More Than Just Slobber

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    A handful of studies and data are now showing that spending time with their dogs increases oxytocin in pet owners. One study looked at amounts of oxytocin after the owners gazed at their dogs;...


  14. Connecticut May be 1st State to Codify Animal-Assisted Therapy for Trauma Victims

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    “A new law will formalize a state-sponsored system for training social workers and dogs in animal-assisted therapy; the program also sets up criteria for quickly identifying qualified...


  15. Warrior Canine Connection receives $750,000 DoD grant to research effects of HAB on those with PTSD

    Forum › general-discussion › new-initiatives--projects

    The Warrior Canine Connection, a group dedicated to rehabilitating veterans with PTSD and other psychological disorders through animal interaction, recently received a $750,000 grant from the...


  16. Eyeless Dog Able to "See" Its Environment

    Forum › general-discussion › hcdiscussions

    A dog whose eyes were surgically removed seems to have no problem playing and navigating its environment, despite not being able to see. Chica, a border collie, is stumping experts who are having...


  17. Dog takes a bite out of dental office stress

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    Dr. Paul Weiss of East Amherst announces the addition of Brooke, a 4 year-old Golden Retriever and a certified therapy dog. You can read the full article here:...


  18. Do Dogs Reduce Stress in the Workplace?

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    A CNN article explores whether or not dogs in the workplace can reduce workers stress & what effect it might have on productivity. You can read the original article on their site:...


  19. Paws in Prison

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    A prison based dog training program at Hawkins Center for Women is helping prisoners, dogs and their future adoptive families. Read more about the program here:...