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Members (1-20 of 22)

  1. Jasmina Kardoš

  2. Patricia Kaufman

  3. Donald Irwin Craig

  4. Dell Kay Bertino

  5. Eunice Chen

  6. Pine Irwin

  7. Laura Mundy

  8. Dicki Kennedy

  9. Susan Elizabeth Smith

  10. Jody Sandler

  11. Judith Broug

  12. Emmanuelle Fournier-Chouinard

    Emmanuelle Fournier-Chouinard is a Psychologist-Psychotherapist from Québec, Canada. She teaches AAT/AAE (Cégep de La Pocatière, cégep de Chicoutimi, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi) and is a Dog...

  13. Ardra Linette Cole

  14. Peggie Partello

  15. Chris Kent

  16. Jessica Solis

  17. Alessandra Bacci

    Salve! I'm Alessandra, counselor and educator in Florence (Italy). I have collaborated with the Association ARCI and We have ran a project in primary and secondary schools of Florence,...

  18. María Pinar

  19. Rosemary Mc Donald

  20. Marcy Wilhelm-South

    I'm a(n) ...Avid readerWannabe writerMulti-tasking knitterOccasional musicianPast/present rat/cat mom... and HABRI Central's Digital Repository Specialist.