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  1. The pact for survival : humans and their animal companions

    Contributor(s):: Newby, Jonica

  2. A dog's history of the world : canines and the domestication of humans

    Contributor(s):: Hobgood-Oster, Laura

  3. Histoire humaine des animaux : de l'antiquité à nos jours

    Contributor(s):: Auberger, Janick , Keating, Peter

  4. Animal oppression and human violence : domesecration, capitalism, and global conflict

    Contributor(s):: Nibert, David Alan

  5. Where the wild things are now: domestication reconsidered

    Contributor(s):: Cassidy, Rebecca, Mullin, Molly H.

    Domestication has often seemed a matter of the distant past, a series of distinct events involving humans and other species that took place long ago. Today, as genetic manipulation continues to break new barriers in scientific and medical research, we appear to be entering an age of biological...

  6. Dogs : domestication and the development of a social bond

    Contributor(s):: Morey, Darcy

  7. The animal attraction : humans and their animal companions

    Contributor(s):: Newby, Jonica

  8. The animal connection : a new perspective on what makes us human

    Contributor(s):: Shipman, Pat

  9. A cultural history of animals

    Contributor(s):: Kalof, Linda, Pohl-Resl, Brigitte

    A Cultural History of Animals is a multi-volume project on the history of human-animal relations from ancient times to the present. The set of six volumes covers 4500 years of human-animal interaction.Volume 1: Antiquity to the Dark Ages (2500BC-1000AD)Volume 2: The Medieval Age (1000-1400)Volume...