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  1. "An Experiment on a Gigantic Scale": Darwin and the domestication of pigeons

    Contributor(s):: Feeley-Harnik, Gillian

  2. "Fowle fowles"? The sacred pelican and the profane cormorant in early modern culture

    Contributor(s):: De Ornellas, Kevin

  3. A spectacle of beasts: hunting rituals and animal rights in early modern England

    Contributor(s):: Bergman, Charles

  4. African minor livestock species

    Contributor(s):: Blench, Roger M., MacDonald, Kevin C.

  5. Agriculture or architecture? The beginnings of domestication

    Contributor(s):: Wilson, Peter J.

  6. An anthropological examination of hunting: ethnography and sensation

    Contributor(s):: Marvin, Garry

  7. Animal interface: the generosity of domestication

    Contributor(s):: Clark, Nigel

  8. Animal philosophy: bioethics and zoontology

    Contributor(s):: Acampora, Ralph R.

  9. Animality and anthropology in Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    Contributor(s):: Guichet, Jean-Luc

  10. Animals and anthropology in medieval philosophy

    Contributor(s):: De Leemans, Pieter, Klemm, Matthew

  11. Animals in ancient philosophy: conceptions and misconceptions

    Contributor(s):: Newmyer, Stephen T.

  12. Animals in medieval sports, entertainment, and menageries

    Contributor(s):: Kiser, Lisa J.

  13. Animals in visual art from 1900 to the present

    Contributor(s):: Burt, Jonathan

  14. Animals into art in the ancient world

    Contributor(s):: Morris, Christine

  15. Animals: from souls and the sacred in prehistoric times to symbols and slaves in antiquity

    Contributor(s):: Mason, Jim

  16. Attitudes to pets in the ethnolinguistic record

    Contributor(s):: Bartosiewicz, László, Bökönyi, Sándor, Anreiter, Peter

  17. Beastly spectacles in the ancient Mediterranean world

    Contributor(s):: Shelton, Jo-Ann

  18. Behaviour of cats

    Contributor(s):: Bradshaw, J.

    The origin, history and effects of domestication, behaviour and relationship with humans of cats are described.

  19. Beyond the Ark : animals in medieval art

    Contributor(s):: Resl, Brigitte

  20. Brooding about breeding : social implications for the process of animal domestication

    Contributor(s):: Köhler-Rollefson, Ilse, Rollefson, Gary Orin, Cappers, Rene T. J., Bottema, Sytze