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  1. Nog twee Simaloengoen-Batakse puzzles

    Contributor(s):: Voorhoeve, P.

  2. Notching and anterior beveling on fossil horse incisors: indicators of domestication?

    Contributor(s):: Rogers, Richard A.

  3. Note sur le tic chez les chevaux américains

    Contributor(s):: Hue, Edmond

  4. Notes on the dingo, the Indian wild dog, and a Papuan dog

    Contributor(s):: Longman, Heber A.

  5. Oldest pedigree chart; a genealogical table of the horse and pictures of horsemen dating back 5,000 years

    Contributor(s):: Amschler, Johann Wolfgang

  6. On a find of a Preboreal domestic dog (Canis familiaris L.) from Starr Carr, Yorkshire, with remarks on other Mesolithic dogs

    Contributor(s):: Degerbøl, Magnus

  7. On some remains of dogs (Canis familiaris) from the Mesolithic shell-middens of Muge, Portugal

    Contributor(s):: Detry, Cleia

  8. On the cranium of a cat from the Nojima Shell Mound in the early Jomon period

    Contributor(s):: Hasebe, Kotondo

  9. On the horse of the Pre-Chʾin period in China I

    Contributor(s):: Hayashi, Minao

  10. On the origin of the domestication of the dog

    Contributor(s):: Montagu, Montague Francis Ashley

  11. On the osteological evidence for the Palaeolithic domestication: barking up the wrong tree

    Contributor(s):: Rowley-Conwy, Peter

  12. Origin and relationships of the Polynesian dog

    Contributor(s):: Skinner, Henry Devenish

  13. Origin of the dog

    Contributor(s):: Colbert, Edwin Harris

  14. Osnovnye ochagi dreveishego proizvodiaschchego khoziaistva v svete dostizhenii sovremennoi nauki

    Contributor(s):: Shnirel'man, V. A.

  15. Palaeolithic dogs and the early domestication of the wolf : a reply to the comments of Crockford and Kuzmin (2012)

    Contributor(s):: Germonpré, Mietje

  16. Peruvians had pet bull dogs

  17. Quelques remarques au sujet des Peaux-Rouges et de leurs chevaux

    Contributor(s):: Frechkop, S.

  18. Rangipuud ERM-i kogudes

    Contributor(s):: Indreko, Richard

  19. Recherches sur l'origine du fait équestre en Afrique du Nord

    Contributor(s):: Spruytte, Jean

  20. Reconsideration of the early domestication process of goats or sheep in the Middle East: the meaning of two types of nursing interventions into the ewe-neonate relationship

    Contributor(s):: Tani, Yutaka