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  1. Effects of hikers and boats on tule elk behavior in a national park wilderness area

    Contributor(s):: Becker, B. H., Moi, C. M., Maguire, T. J., Atkinson, R., Gates, N. B.

  2. Efficacy of aerial broadcast baiting in reducing brown treesnake numbers

    Contributor(s):: Clark, L., Savarie, P. J.

  3. Efficacy, effort, and cost comparisons of trapping and acetaminophen-baiting for control of brown treesnakes on Guam

    Contributor(s):: Clark, L., Savarie, P. J., Shivik, J. A., Breck, S. W., Dorr, B. S.

  4. Examining a potential brown treesnake transport pathway: shipments from Guam

    Contributor(s):: Kahl, S. S., Henke, S. E., Hall, M. A., Litt, A. R., Perry, G., Britton, D. K.

  5. Excluding feral swine, javelinas, and raccoons from deer bait stations

    Contributor(s):: Pound, J. M., Lohmeyer, K. H., Davey, R. B., Soliz, L. A., Olafson, P. U.

  6. Factors affecting white-tailed deer-browsing rates on early growth stages of soybean crops

    Contributor(s):: Colligan, G. M., Bowman, J. L., Rogerson, J. E., Vasilas, B. L.

  7. Factors influencing survival of desert mule deer in the greater San Andres Mountains, New Mexico

    Contributor(s):: Bender, L. C., Hoenes, B. D., Rodden, C. L.

  8. Increasing trend of damaging bird strikes with aircraft outside the airport boundary: implications for mitigation measures

    Contributor(s):: Dolbeer, R. A.

  9. Landowner attitudes toward introduced wild turkeys in northwestern Minnesota

    Contributor(s):: Parent, C. J., Goodwin, B. J., Dunton, E. M.

  10. Lead-free, high-powered rifle bullets and their applicability in wildlife management

    Contributor(s):: Caudell, J. N., Stopak, Wolf, P. C.

  11. Misconceptions about black bears: a response to Geist (2011)

    Contributor(s):: Rogers, L. L., Mansfield, S. A.

  12. Mixed-breed guarding dogs reduce conflict between goat herders and native carnivores in Patagonia

    Contributor(s):: Gonzalez, A., Novaro, A., Funes, M., Pailacura, O., Bolgeri, M. J., Walker, S.

  13. Modification of net configurations of the Coda Netlaunchei registered to enhance bird capture

    Contributor(s):: Prisock, A. M., Dorr, B. S., Cumbee, J. C.

  14. Moral convictions and culling animals: a survey in the Netherlands

    Contributor(s):: Cohen, N. E., Brom, F. W. A., Stassen, E. N.

    In this paper the results are presented of a national survey in the Netherlands. The aim was to identify and describe the convictions about animals that people have in Dutch society and the role of these in judgments on the culling of healthy animals during an animal disease epidemic. A total of...

  15. One Health: more than just a catch phrase!

    Contributor(s):: Jack, S. W.

  16. Response to Rogers and Mansfield (2011) and Stringham (2011)

    Contributor(s):: Geist, V.

  17. Role of bird movements in the epidemiology of West Nile and avian influenza virus

    Contributor(s):: Muzaffar, S. B., Hill, N. J., Takekawa, J. Y., Perry, W. M., Smith, L. M., Boyce, W. M.

  18. Serologic evidence of Brucella and pseudorabies in Mississippi feral swine

    Contributor(s):: Jack, S. W., Cumbee, J. C., Jr., Godwin, K. C.

  19. Some successful methods to mitigate conflicts caused by common ravens in an industrial environment

    Contributor(s):: Merrell, R. J.

  20. State of the Berryman Institute

    Contributor(s):: Ayers, C. R.