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  1. "There's a Real Dog in the Classroom?": The Relationship Between Young Children and Animals

    Contributor(s):: Margadant-van Arcken, Marjan

  2. 'Disgusting' animals: Primary school children's attitudes and myths of bats and spiders

    Contributor(s):: Prokop, Pavol, Tunnicliffe, Sue Dale

  3. 'Ralf': Eine Fallgeschichte aus der schulpsychologischen Beratungspraxis

    Contributor(s):: Marschner, Günter

  4. A Class Pet Campaign: Experiencing the Democratic Process

    Contributor(s):: Gunnels, Jan Allison

  5. A Guide to Managing Your Classroom Pets

    Contributor(s):: Caras, Robert

  6. An analysis of improving student performance through the use of registered therapy dogs serving as motivators for reluctant readers

    Contributor(s):: Paradise, Julie L.

  7. An Examination of the Themes of Care, Emotional Intelligence, and the Presence of a Dog in a Classroom

    Contributor(s):: Rogers, Melissa Donn

  8. An in-class, humane education program can improve young students' attitudes toward animals

    Contributor(s):: Nicoll, K., Trifone, C., Samuels, W. E.

  9. An investigation of a brief life satisfaction scale with elementary school children

    Contributor(s):: Seligson, Julie Lauren

  10. Animal assisted education: intervention in children with behavioral disorders

    Contributor(s):: Angela Maria Dias de Vilhena Mascarenhas

    The accomplishment of this study intends to raise the possibility and verify the feasibility of the implementation of projects / programs of Animal-Assisted Interventions / Animal-Assisted Education as a pedagogical strategy in the current educational context. In this particular case, the problem...

  11. Animal assisted therapy and the Reading Education Assistance DogsRTM (R.E.A.D.) program as perceived by volunteer R.E.A.D. facilitators: A national study

    Contributor(s):: Swift, Catherine Hayes

  12. Animal care, day by day

    Contributor(s):: Hatch, Lynda

  13. Animal Facilitated Counseling in the Elementary School: A Literature Review and Practical Considerations

    Contributor(s):: Trivedi, Lucinda, Perl, James

  14. Animal-Assisted Therapy and its Effects on Children in Schools

    Contributor(s):: Jordan N. Putz

    Animal-assisted therapy could be used in schools as a supportive intervention provided by school social workers. The purpose of this project was to explore how animal-assisted therapy in schools, specifically using dogs, could be a complimentary and supportive form of intervention provided by...

  15. Animal-assisted therapy for elementary students with emotional or behavioral disorders

    Contributor(s):: Lieber, Jennifer Sue

  16. Animal-assisted therapy for emotionally disturbed children: A grant proposal

    Contributor(s):: Madrid, Shaylin M.

  17. Animals in Elementary School Education in California

    Contributor(s):: Zasloff, R. Lee, Hart, Lynette A.

    Focuses on the use of animals in elementary school education in Stanislaus County, California. Importance of live animal models for teaching children humane values; Pros and cons of keeping live animals in classroom; Use of animal specimens in instructional activities; Instructional resources and...

  18. Attitudes toward animals among kindergarten children: species preferences

    Contributor(s):: Borgi, M., Cirulli, F.

    Attitudes toward animals are influenced by both animal traits (e.g., similarity to humans, aesthetic quality, size) and individual human attributes (e.g., gender, age, educational level, cultural factors). Although the examination of children's interest in animals, and their preference for...

  19. Cats, dogs, and classroom pets: science in art, song, and play

    Contributor(s):: Vansant, Rhonda, Dondiego, Barbara L.

  20. Children and their pets: exploring the relationships between pet ownership, pet attitudes, attachment to pets and empathy

    Contributor(s):: Williams, J. M., Muldoon, J., Lawrence, A.