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  1. Quality of life and the evolution of the brain

    Contributor(s):: Kendrick, K. M.

    The dual problem of explaining brain evolution and the way in which it has led to wide species differences in behaviour and physiology has often appeared intractable to scientists. The main limiting factor is that we do not understand enough about how brains work to appreciate why gross or fine...

  2. Zoomorphism and anthropomorphism: fruitful fallacies? (Special Issue: Knowing animals.)

    Contributor(s):: Webster, J.

    Zoo- and anthropomorphism may both be scientific heresies but both may serve as a basis for thought (and real) experiments designed to explore our ability to assess quality of life as perceived by another sentient animal. Sentience, a major contributor to evolutionary fitness in a complex...

  3. Coordination of French research on animal welfare: organisation and activities of AGRI animal welfare

    Contributor(s):: Veissier, I., Levy, F., Beaumont, C., Larrere, R., Dantzer, R.

    AGRIBEA was organized in 1999 to coordinate animal welfare research conducted by INRA (French Institute for Agronomy Research). Since then, AGRIBEA had expanded rapidly within and outside INRA and now had 128 members of which less than two thirds were from INRA, while the other members came from...

  4. Emotional aspects generated by the death of a pet

    Contributor(s):: Gardemann, P. N., Paranzini, C. S., Neta, J. H., Trapp, S. M.

    The connection between a man and a fellow animal has been increasingly intense as well as its benefits. The emotions identified in an owner who loses his pet highlight the importance of the family. Through the application of a questionnaire, it was found that the most common feelings generated by...

  5. [Dogs and people]

    Contributor(s):: Muller, G. E.

  6. [Remarks on the domestic dog as an object of instruction for the education of the developing child]

    Contributor(s):: Meyer, W., Pakur, M.

  7. Bereavement, pet loss and deceased body presentation: pet euthanasia and helping owners deal with grief

    Contributor(s):: Brown, C.

    This article describes the role of the veterinarian in helping pet owners make decisions on euthanasia and on coping with the loss of their pets.

  8. Emotional components of physical problems in the equine & small animals

    Contributor(s):: Schwartz, C.

  9. Good-byes, grieving, and growing: grief - the role of pets in the family

    Contributor(s):: Dias, J.

  10. Horses as healers

    Contributor(s):: Adams, C. L.

  11. Understanding the signs, cause & prevalence of grief due to pet loss

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, S. W.