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  1. The ophthalmic health and refractive state of working dogs in South Brazil

    Contributor(s):: Oliveira, J. K. de, Bortolini, M., Schaller, M., Schuchmann, R. K., Moore, B. A., Montiani-Ferreira, F.

  2. Evaluation of D-dimer levels in aqueous humor of rabbit eyes with and without induced intraocular fibrin and fibrinolytic treatment

    Contributor(s):: Voelter, K., Tappeiner, C., Riond, B., Nuss, K., Bruetsch, D., Pot, S. A.

  3. Cactus-induced keratoconjunctivitis in Texas: A case series of three dogs and one cat

    Contributor(s):: Dowler, K. K., Scott, E. M., Teixeira, L. B. C., Vallone, L. V.

  4. Use of and disparities in access to adaptive devices among U.S. adults with age-related eye diseases

    Contributor(s):: Gibson, D. M.

  5. Best Articles Relevant to Pediatric Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

  6. Bright eyed and bushy tailed

    Contributor(s):: Hofve, Jean

  7. A review of hippotherapy horse diseases from 2006 to 2010 in Uruguaiana-RS

    Contributor(s):: Silva, M. N. G. da, Duarte, C. A., Folchini, N. P., Mistieri, M. L. de A., Freitas, G. S. R. de, Sodre, L. A. D.

  8. When your eyes have a wet nose: the evolution of the use of guide dogs and establishing the seeing eye

    Contributor(s):: Fishman, G. A.

  9. Historical image. Care of the handicapped. Guide dogs for the blind

    Contributor(s):: Kearney, J., Tanaka, S.