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  1. Livestock Guarding Dogs

    In the late 1970’s, there began a resurgence in the use of an ancient form of sheep protection, the guarding dog. Several factors contributed to this phenomenon, including Federal restrictions on the use of substances to kill predators, the relative inability of existing techniques to provide...

  2. Information Resources on the Care and Welfare of Dairy Cattle

    Contributor(s):: Cynthia P. Smith

    This document contains two introductory articles written by experts in the farm animal welfare field from North America and Europe respectively. Each article ends with a list of references cited by the author. The second section of this publication consists of an extensive bibliography...

  3. Farm fires – Protecting farm animal welfare

    Full-text: Available

    All farms are at risk of fire and each year there are over one thousand fires in agricultural buildings, many of them housing livestock. Most fires on farms can be prevented provided farmers and stockpersons are sufficiently aware of potential fire hazards and alert enough to recognise and remedy...

  4. Animal welfare, economics and policy

    Full-text: Available

    This discussion paper ('scoping study' in Defra terminology) considers the topic of animal welfare – usually associated with ethics and moral values, or with animal science and ethology – as an explicitly economic concept. Recognising that the value of farm animals is dominated by their...