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  1. May 17 2014

    Have no fear about anxiety

    The Animal Behaviour and Interaction Group of the South African Veterinary Association presents its annual conference with this year's theme all about fear and anxiety in companion animals.Our...

  2. Behavioural and physiological responses of heifer calves to acute stressors: long-term consistency and relationship with adult reactivity to milking

    Contributor(s):: Reenen, C. G. van, Werf, J. T. N. van der, O'Connell, N. E., Heutinck, L. F. M., Spoolder, H. A. M., Jones, R. B., Koolhaas, J. M., Blokhuis, H. J.

  3. Close human presence reduces avoidance behaviour in commercial caged laying hens to an approaching human

    Contributor(s):: Edwards, L. E., Coleman, G. J., Hemsworth, P. H.

    The quality of human contact that hens are exposed to will determine the degree of fear of humans that they experience. This has consequences for the welfare of commercial laying hens, as hens that are afraid of humans will be regularly exposed to a fear-provoking stressor. Hens can be habituated...

  4. Disrupting motivational sequences in chicks: are there affective consequences?

    Contributor(s):: Seehuus, B., Mendl, M., Keeling, L. J., Blokhuis, H.

  5. Dog as a second language: a primer for humans

    Contributor(s):: Reisner, I.

  6. Effects of developmental history on the behavioural responses of European starlings ( Sturnus vulgaris) to laboratory husbandry

    Contributor(s):: Jayne, K., Feenders, G., Bateson, M.

  7. Holding company of animals. Potential benefits for people with endocrinopathies and metabolic diseases

    Contributor(s):: Hugues Hernandorena, B., Alvarez Alvarez, A. M., Elias-Calles, L. C., Ledon Llanes, L., Mendoza Trujillo, M., Dominguez Alonso, E.

  8. How "natural" training methods can affect equine mental state? A critical approach - a review

    Contributor(s):: Rozempolska-Rucinska, I., Trojan, M., Kosik, E., Prochniak, T., Gorecka-Bruzda, A.

  9. How to handle your cows stress-free and safely?

    Contributor(s):: Adam, S., Baillargeon, J.

  10. Influence of human-animal relationship on animals' welfare and productivity Wpyw relacji czowiek-zwierze na dobrostan i produkcyjnosc zwierzat

    Contributor(s):: Petrynka, M., Klocek, C.

  11. Sleeping tight or hiding in fright? The welfare implications of different subtypes of inactivity in mink

    Contributor(s):: Meagher, R. K., Campbell, D. L. M., Dallaire, J. A., Diez-Leon, M., Palme, R., Mason, G. J.

  12. Stress and behavioural issues in pets

    Contributor(s):: Barklett-Judge, M.

  13. Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs

    Roxy Reading is a donation dependent organization whose certified pet therapy teams promote literacy in schools and offer comfort to area youth navigating the court system.

  14. Protection Orders and Animal Abuse in Family Violence

    | Contributor(s):: Mickish, Janet, Schoen, Kathleen

  15. The biobehavioral effects of stress related to fear and anxiety in domestic canines

    | Contributor(s):: Dreschel, Nancy A.

  16. Origins of fear of dogs in adults and children: The role of conditioning processes and prior familiarity with dogs

    | Contributor(s):: Sharon Doogan, Glyn V. Thomas

    One hundred adults and 30 children completed questionnaires to investigate fear of dogs. Dog fearful adults asked to recall the origins of their fear reported classical conditioning experiences more frequently than vicarious acquisition or informational transmission. Overall, however, there was...

  17. Children's fears about animals

    | Contributor(s):: Bowd, Alan D.

  18. Fears and Understanding of Animals in Middle Childhood

    | Contributor(s):: Bowd, Alan D.

  19. Attachment styles impact on pet visitation effectiveness

    | Contributor(s):: Colby, Patrcia M., Sherman, Angela

    Examined the effects of attachment style (secure, anxious-ambivalent, dismissive avoidant, or fearful avoidant) on the subjective well-being of institutionalized older adults participating in a dog visitation program. The participants were 52 residents of an assisted living facility, aged 58-98...

  20. Does learning performance in horses relate to fearfulness, baseline stress hormone, and social rank?

    | Contributor(s):: Christensen, J. W., Ahrendt, L. P., Lintrup, R., Gaillard, C., Palme, R., Malmkvist, J.