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  1. Humane strategies for controlling feral cat populations

    Contributor(s):: Levy, J. K., Crawford, P. C.

  2. Humans' perceptions of animal mentality: ascriptions of thinking

    Contributor(s):: Rasmussen, J. L., Rajecki, D. W., Craft, H. D.

  3. Importance of the human-animal bond for pre-veterinary, first-year, and fourth-year veterinary students in relation to their career choice

    Contributor(s):: Martin, F., Ruby, K., Farnum, J.

  4. Meaningful relationships in veterinary practice

    Contributor(s):: Odendaal, J. S.

  5. Number of unowned free-roaming cats in a college community in the southern United States and characteristics of community residents who feed them

    Contributor(s):: Levy, J. K., Woods, J. E., Turick, S. L., Etheridge, D. L.

  6. People and pets, the perfect combination: National Pet Week 2001

    Contributor(s):: Granskog, S. K.

  7. Perceptions of fourth-year veterinary students regarding emotional support of clients in veterinary practice in the veterinary college curriculum

    Contributor(s):: Butler, C., Williams, S., Koll, S.

  8. Pet ownership by life group

    Contributor(s):: Wise, J. K., Kushman, J. E.

  9. Pet project. The use of pet facilitated therapy among the chronically mentally ill

    Contributor(s):: Hundley, J.

  10. Presence of human friends and pet dogs as moderators of autonomic responses to stress in women

    Contributor(s):: Allen, K. M., Blascovich, J., Tomaka, J., Kelsey, R. M.

  11. Prevention and amelioration of stress and consequences of interaction between children and dogs

    Contributor(s):: Riegger, M. H., Guntzelman, J.

  12. Regarding euthanasia

    Contributor(s):: Harris, J. M.

  13. Risk factors and behaviors associated with separation anxiety in dogs

    Contributor(s):: Flannigan, G., Dodman, N. H.

  14. Selecting, raising, and caring for dogs to avoid problem aggression

    Contributor(s):: Hart, B. L., Hart, L. A.

  15. Separation anxiety syndrome in dogs and cats

    Contributor(s):: Schwartz, S.

  16. Survey of undesirable behaviors displayed by potential guide dogs with puppy walkers

    Contributor(s):: Gazzano, A., Mariti, C., Sighieri, C., Ducci, M., Ciceroni, C., McBride, E. A.

    This research aimed to identify the frequency and type of undesirable behaviours observed by guide dog puppy walkers and management strategies used by them during the puppy-walking period. All members of 36 puppy-walking families (N=96), recruited from the National School of Guide Dogs for Blind...

  17. The role of veterinary practitioners in reducing dog and cat relinquishments and euthanasias

    Contributor(s):: Scarlett, J. M., Salman, M. D., New, J. G., Kass, P. H.

  18. Using a therapy dog to alleviate the agitation and desocialization of people with Alzheimer's disease

    Contributor(s):: Churchill, M., Safaoui, J., McCabe, B. W., Baun, M. M.

  19. Veterinary students' views on animal patients and human clients, using Q-methodology

    Contributor(s):: de Graaf, G.

  20. Welfare of cats depends on humankind

    Contributor(s):: Kahler, S. C.