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  1. Food-related aggression in shelter dogs: A comparison of behavior identified by a behavior evaluation in the shelter and owner reports after adoption

    Contributor(s):: Marder, Amy R., Shabelansky, Anastasia, Patronek, Gary J., Dowling-Guyer, Seana, D’Arpino, Sheila Segurson

    In order to assess the relationship between food-related aggression in the shelter as identified by a standardized canine behavior evaluation and owner-reported food-related aggression after adoption, this retrospective cohort study followed 97 dogs adopted from a shelter and their adoptive...

  2. Online videos indicate human and dog behaviour preceding dog bites and the context in which bites occur

    Contributor(s):: Sara C. Owczarczak-Garstecka, Francine Watkins, Rob Christley, Carri Westgarth

    YouTube videos of dog bites present an unexplored opportunity to observe dog bites directly. We recorded the context of bites, bite severity, victim and dog characteristics for 143 videos and for 56 videos we coded human and dog behaviour before the bite. Perceived bite severity was derived...