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  1. Understanding feeding patterns in growing pigs by modelling growth and motivation

    | Contributor(s):: Boumans, I. J. M. M., Bokkers, E. A. M., Hofstede, G. J., Boer, I. J. M. de

    Feeding is an essential behaviour for body maintenance in pigs and closely related to their growth and productivity performance. Mechanisms underlying feeding behaviour in pigs are still unclear. Understanding these mechanisms can provide valuable insights into the complex interactions among...

  2. Feeding Chromonaela odorata during pregnancy to goat dams affects acceptance of this feedstuff by their offspring

    | Contributor(s):: Phan Vu, Hai, Everts, H., Dam Van, Tien, Schonewille, J. T., Hendriks, W. H.

    We investigated the effect of Chromonaela odorata ingestion by goat dams during pregnancy on intake of C. odorata by their kids. Alteration of prenatal feed preference may be used to increase feed intake of novel feeds and the transit from outdoor to indoor goat farming in...

  3. Food intake and rumination behaviour of lactating and non-lactating buffaloes reared under a loose housing system

    | Contributor(s):: Odyuo, L. T., Jana, D. N., Das, N.

    Food intake and rumination behaviour of 15 lactating and 15 non-lactating Murrah buffaloes were observed for 24 consecutive hours on 7 occasions. Time spent on eating and rumination were 271.6 and 444.5 min, respectively, for the lactating group and 221.6 and 440.5 min, respectively, for the...

  4. Temporal contiguity between food ingestion and toxicosis affects the acquisition of food aversions in sheep

    | Contributor(s):: Provenza, F. D., Nolan, J. V., Lynch, J. J.

    In a series of experiments, sheep were gavaged with lithium chloride in aqueous solution or in a gelatin capsule while oat chaff or lucerne pellets were consumed. The results showed that feed aversion commenced within 1 h of the dispersion of LiCl within the rumen.

  5. Weaning in dogs: within- and between-litter variation in milk and solid food intake

    | Contributor(s):: Malm, K., Jensen, P.

    Four litters of Swedish Dachsbracken and their mothers were observed during weeks 2 to 7 postpartum. All puppies were weighed at regular intervals and the milk and solid feed intakes were measured. The variations in milk intake and solid feed intake were high throughout the period. In general,...

  6. Amount of experience and prior illness affect the acquisition and persistence of conditioned food aversions in lambs

    | Contributor(s):: Burritt, E. A., Provenza, F. D.

    In experiment 1, lambs were offered small amounts (=14 days' exposure to the feed formed the least persistent aversions. Furthermore, the aversion to oats stopped within 6 days in lambs offered oats for 7 days. It was concluded that lambs are not likely to avoid a feed they were trained to avoid...

  7. The response of Merino wethers to feedlotting and subsequent sea transport

    | Contributor(s):: Bailey, A. N., Fortune, J. A.

    During an 8-day assembly phase in a feedlot, sheep (n = 1500) given a shipping pellet (SP) consisting mainly of cereal straw and barley grain gained about 1 kg liveweight, while those on a lupin pellet (LP) of lupin hulls and kernels lost 1 kg. Farm source of sheep had a significant effect on...