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  1. The Moral Lives of Laboratory Monkeys: Television and the Ethics of Care

    Contributor(s):: Sharp, Lesley A.

  2. [Establishment of an Animal Based Therapy at a University Hospital for Psychiatry: Results of a Preliminary Study and Future Prospects]

    Contributor(s):: Hartfiel, C., Bodatsch, M., Klosterkotter, J., Kuhn, J.

  3. Forecasting the spread of raccoon rabies using a purpose-specific group decision-making process

    Contributor(s):: Anderson, Aaron, Shwiff, Stephanie A., Chipman, Richard B., Atwood, Todd, Cozzens, Tyler, Fillo, Frank, Hale, Robert, Hatch, Brody, Maki, Joanne, Rhodes, Olin E., Rees, Erin E., Rupprecht, Charles E., Tinline, Rowland, VerCauteren, Kurt C., Slate, Dennis

  4. Prediction of residential pet and cockroach allergen levels using questionnaire information

    Contributor(s):: Gehring, U., Triche, E., van Strien, R. T., Belanger, K., Holford, T., Gold, D. R., Jankun, T., Ren, P., McSharry, J. E., Beckett, W. S., Platts-Mills, T. A., Chapman, M. D., Bracken, M. B., Leaderer, B. P.

  5. Telos, value and genetic engineering

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.

  6. [The position of the dog and the cat in 2018]

    Contributor(s):: van Herten, J.

  7. A shared spirit

    Contributor(s):: Goldstein, G.

  8. Blueprint for action receives praise

    Contributor(s):: McCulloch, W. F.