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  1. From wolf to dog

    Contributor(s):: Morell, V.

  2. From wolf to dog

    Contributor(s):: Morell, V.

  3. Ancient Iberian horses :a method to recover DNA from archaeological samples buried under sub-optimal conditions for preservation

    Contributor(s):: Seco-Morais, J.

  4. Artistic and faunal evidence for the influence of the domestication of donkeys and camels on the archaeological history of Jordan and Arabia

    Contributor(s):: Sauer, James A.

  5. Early domesticated dogs of the Near East

    Contributor(s):: Dayan, Tamar

  6. Fossil dogs and wolves from Palaeolithic sties in Belgium, the Ukraine and Russia :osteometry, ancient DNA and stable isotopes

    Contributor(s):: Germonpré, Mietje

  7. Homo, Pan, and Gorilla: co-existence over 60,000 years at Lopé in central Gabon

    Contributor(s):: Tutin, C. E. G.

  8. Human and animal diet at Conchopata, Peru :stable isotope evidence for maize agriculture and animal management practices during the Middle Horizon

    Contributor(s):: Finucane, Brian

  9. Human influence in the development of the Cretan mammalian fauna

    Contributor(s):: Jarman, Michael R.

  10. Isotopic evidence for Maya patterns of deer and dog use at Preclassic Colha

    Contributor(s):: White, Christine D.

  11. New model for the domestication of the dog

    Contributor(s):: Crabtree, P. J.

  12. Notching and anterior beveling on fossil horse incisors: indicators of domestication?

    Contributor(s):: Rogers, Richard A.

  13. Risk and opportunity for humans coexisting with large carnivores

    Contributor(s):: Treves, Adrian

  14. Size matters : donkeys and horses in the prehistory of the southernmost Levant

    Contributor(s):: Grigson, G.

  15. Human evolution, animal behaviour, and Quaternary extinctions: a paleo-ecology of hunting

    Contributor(s):: Schüle, W.

  16. L'humérus de chien magdalénien de Erralla (Gipuzkoa, Espagne) et la domestication tardiglaciaire du loup en Europe = The Magdalénian dog humerus of Erralla (Gipuzkoa, Spain) and the Late Glacial wolf domestication in Europe

    Contributor(s):: Vigne, Jean-Denis

  17. Les premières traces de boeuf domestique en Afrique du Nord: état de la recherche centré sur les données archéologiques

    Contributor(s):: Chenal-Vélarde, Isabelle

  18. Palaeopathology and horse domestication : the case of some Iron Age horses from the Altai Mountains, Siberia

    Contributor(s):: Levine, Marsha A., Bailey, Geoff N, Whitwell, Katherine E, Jeffcott, Leo B

  19. Identification of Horse Exploitation by Clovis Hunters Based On Protein Analysis

    Contributor(s):: Kooyman, Brian, Newman, Margaret E., Cluney, Christine, Lobb, Murray, Tolman, Shayne, McNeil, Paul, Hills, L. V.

  20. Perspectivism, mortuary symbolism, and human-shark relationships on the Maritime Peninsula

    Contributor(s):: Betts, Matthew W., Blair, Susan E., Black, David W.