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  1. Les Betes Du Jardin Des Plantes

    Contributor(s):: Rolin, Jean

  2. Les Controverses Contemporaines Sur Le Statut De L'Animal: L'Exemple De L'Eglise Catholique, France, 1940-1990

    Contributor(s):: Baratay, Eric

  3. Les tueries de dauphins en Mediterranee ou l'impossible rationalisation d'un massacre (XIXe Siece- Milieu XXe Siecle).

    Contributor(s):: Faget, Daniel

  4. Menageries and the landscape garden

  5. Noblesse Et Animal Domestique Au XIXe Siecle

    Contributor(s):: Brelot, Claude-Isabelle

  6. Polskie zwierzynce i ogrody zoologiczne w 'Histoire des Menageries de l'Antiquite a nos Jours' Gustawa Loisela

    Contributor(s):: Daszkiewicz, Piotr

  7. Prison pets in the French Revolution

    Contributor(s):: MacDonough, Katharine

  8. The Great Cat Massacre

    Contributor(s):: Darnton, Robert

  9. The republican menagerie: animal politics in the French Revolution

    Contributor(s):: Serna, Pierre

  10. Un Champ Pour L'Histoire: L'Animal

    Contributor(s):: Baratay, Eric, Mayaud, Jean-Luc

  11. Un Instrument Symbolique De La Domestication: Le Jardin Zoologique Aux XIXe-XXe Siecles: L'Exemple Du Parc De La Tete D'Or A Lyon

    Contributor(s):: Baratay, Eric

  12. The beast in the boudoir: petkeeping in nineteenth-century Paris

    Contributor(s):: Kete, Kathleen

  13. Les interventions assistées par l'animal: Les enjeux d'une réglementation pour le bien-être animal. = Animal assisted interventions multiply in the French business landscape

    Contributor(s):: Sauvageot, R.

  14. I like my dog, does my dog like me?

    Contributor(s):: Rehn, T., Lindholm, U., Keeling, L., Forkman, B.

    In this study, the possibility of there being an association between how an owner perceives his/her relationship to their dog and the way the dog experiences the relationship to its owner was investigated using two well-established methods within the anthrozoology literature. Twenty dog-owner...

  15. Intraspecific attachment in adult domestic dogs ( Canis familiaris): preliminary results

    Contributor(s):: Mariti, C., Carlone, B., Ricci, E., Sighieri, C., Gazzano, A.

    Canis familiaris is a highly social species. Among the social relationships between two individuals, a particular case is represented by attachment bonds. The aim of the current study was to assess whether the bond between adult cohabitant dogs may be regarded as attachment. Twenty-two couples of...

  16. Lateralization of agonistic and vigilance responses in Przewalski horses ( Equus przewalskii)

    Contributor(s):: Austin, N. P., Rogers, L. J.

    Eye and limb preferences were scored in the closest undomesticated relative of Equus caballus using the same methods as used previously to study laterality in feral horses. Observations were made of 33 Przewalski horses ( Equus ferus przewalskii) (male N=20, female N=13) living under natural...

  17. Girl with cat and Young girl at the window: Balthus

    Contributor(s):: Harris, J. C.

  18. Behavioural reactivity, social and cognitive abilities of Vietnamese and Pitman-Moore weaned piglets

    Contributor(s):: Val-Laillet, D., Tallet, C., Guerin, C., Meunier-Salaun, M. C.

  19. Loading density and welfare of goat kids during long distance road transport

    Contributor(s):: Hindle, V. A., Reimert, H. G. M., Werf, J. T. N. van der, Lambooij, E.

  20. Pet-keeping culture in nineteenth century Paris: Representations of modern life

    Contributor(s):: Kete, Kathleen Joan