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  1. Evidence of diet, deification, and death within ancient Egyptian mummified animals

    Contributor(s):: Johnston, R., Thomas, R., Jones, R., Graves-Brown, C., Goodridge, W., North, L.

  2. In Praise of Dead Pets: An Investigation into the Content and Function of Human-Style Pet Eulogies

    Contributor(s):: Rennard, Jane, Greening, Linda, Williams, Jane M.

    Few socially recognized death customs are available for bereaved pet owners, who may experience adverse mental health as a result of disenfranchisement and other complications surrounding pet loss. Additionally, pet owners can experience complex grief when the death is by euthanasia. When a human...

  3. Paws in the sand: the emergence and development of the use of canids in the funerary practice of the ancient Egyptians(ca. 5000 BC – 395 AD) : a thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

    Contributor(s):: Mary Louise Hartley

    This research investigates the nature and scope of the inclusion of canids/dogs in the funerary practice of the ancient Egyptians. Canids used in a mortuary context are well known, due mainly to the use of canids in the later votive context. However, the first documented evidence of actual...

  4. For Death is But a Passing Phase of Life: Riding The Grief Waves Resulting From The Death of Pet and Human Loss Within a Culturally Fluid World

    Contributor(s):: Yoshiko Nonaka

    We, as living beings, all cross paths with death of others and of ourselves, as well as the grief that follows. However, people in many cultures and societies are often discouraged from talking about death and dying. Death and grief as a result of it happen in response to not only human loss, but...

  5. FastTrack

  6. The nature of the beast: curating animals and ancestors at Çatalhöyük

    Contributor(s):: Meskell, Lynn

  7. Worthy is the lamb : a double burial at Neolithic Çatalhöyük (Turkey)

    Contributor(s):: Russell, Nerissa

  8. "Neither person nor beast": dogs in the burial practice of the iron Gates Mesolithic

    Contributor(s):: Radovanovic, Ivana

  9. Parakeet to paradise: archaeology of a pet cemetery

    Contributor(s):: Gradwohl, David Mayer

  10. Rethinking [cattle cults] in early Egypt: towards a prehistoric perspective on the Narmer Palette

    Contributor(s):: Wengrow, David

  11. Sarmatian funeral and memorial rites and Ossetian ethnography

    Contributor(s):: Iatsenko, S. A.

  12. The emergence of Bronze Age chariots in eastern Europe

    Contributor(s):: Kuznetsov, P. F.

  13. The emergence of the Tagar culture

    Contributor(s):: Bokovenko, Nikolay

  14. Analysis of Canis sp. Remains Recovered from the Richter Site (47DR80), a North Bay Phase Middle Woodland Occupation on Washington Island, Wisconsin

    Contributor(s):: Epstein, Emily Mueller

  15. Perspectivism, mortuary symbolism, and human-shark relationships on the Maritime Peninsula

    Contributor(s):: Betts, Matthew W., Blair, Susan E., Black, David W.

  16. Remembering Man's Other Best Friend: U.S. Horse Graves And Memorials In Historical Perspective

    Contributor(s):: Collison, Gary

  17. A unique human-fox burial from a pre-Natufian cemetery in the Levant (Jordan).

    Contributor(s):: Maher, Lisa A., Stock, Jay T., Finney, Sarah, Heywood, James J.N., Miracle, Preston T., Banning, Edward B.

  18. Pet loss : a spiritual guide

    Contributor(s):: Harris, Julia A.

  19. Bringing a Smile to Faces in the Most Unlikely of Places: An Interview with Randy Grimes

    16 Jan 2015 | Posted by Katie Carroll

    Anyone who has ever attended a funeral or set foot inside a funeral home is aware of the grief that overcomes people after the loss of a loved one.  But, imagine walking into a funeral home,...

  20. Pets Rest in Peace

    Pets Rest In Peace and our Pet & Equine Crematorium is a local family owned pet cremation, pet memorial and pet funeral business. Our dedicated firm services all areas of South East Queensland (Toowoomba and Ipswich, Brisbane, The Gold Coast ,The Lockyer Valley, Southern Downs and Granite...