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  1. Influence of egg oiling on colony presence of ring-billed gulls

    Contributor(s):: DeVault, Travis L., Schmidt, Paige M., Pogmore, Fred E., Gobeille, John, Belant, Jerrold L., Seamans, Thomas W.

  2. Recommended management strategies to limit anthropogenic noise impacts on greater sage-grouse in Wyoming

    Contributor(s):: Patricelli, Gail L., Blickley, Jessica L., Hooper, Stacie L.

  3. Endangered Species in the Oil Patch: Challenges and Opportunities for the Oil and Gas Industry

    Contributor(s):: Gabriel Eckstein, Jesse Snyder

    Tension among competing interests is nothing new in environmental law. Even among the most tenacious adversaries, the ability to find common ground can serve as an impetus to further the aims of both industry and environmental proponents. Broadly speaking, advocates of the oil...

  4. Humane killing of nonhuman animals for disease control purposes

    Contributor(s):: Raj, M.

    Reports and guidelines produced by international institutions such as the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE, 2005) describe various methods of killing nonhuman animals. Selection and implementation of a killing method may involve several factors. Preventing or minimizing risk to human...

  5. Canada goose crop damage abatement in South Dakota

    Contributor(s):: Radtke, T. M., Dieter, C. D.

  6. Behavioural responses during exposure of broiler chickens to different gas mixtures

    Contributor(s):: Lambooij, E., Gerritzen, M. A., Engel, B., Hillebrand, S. J. W., Lankhaar, J., Pieterse, C.

    Behavioural responses to inhalation of gas were examined during exposure of broilers to different gas mixtures. 137 six-week-old broiler chickens were individually exposed in a gas chamber containing one of the following gas mixtures: 90% argon (Ar)/air, 30% carbon dioxide (CO2)/60% Ar/air or 40%...

  7. Assessment of the aversion of hens to different gas atmospheres using an approach-avoidance test

    Contributor(s):: Webster, A. B., Fletcher, D. L.

    Approach-avoidance tests were conducted to evaluate the responses of laying hens to different gas atmospheres. Twelve hens were trained in a test apparatus consisting of a raised entry chamber connected by a descending chute to a lower chamber into which gas could be injected. Feed was removed...

  8. Behavioural responses of broiler chickens during acute exposure to gaseous stimulation

    Contributor(s):: McKeegan, D. E. F., McIntyre, J., Demmers, T. G. M., Wathes, C. M., Jones, R. B.

    Controlled atmosphere (gas) stunning has potential to improve poultry welfare at slaughter but raises concerns about exposure of birds to aversive gaseous environments during the induction of unconsciousness. The aim of this study was to compare the immediate aversiveness of gas mixtures of...