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  1. Gentling and welfare of lambs

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: M Caroprese, L Taibi, V Franco, M Musto, A Muscio

    Gentling e benessere dell’agnello. Al fine di valutare l’effetto delle cure dell’operatore sul benessere dell’agnello allattato artificialmente è stata effettuata una prova della durata di 7 settimane condotta su 64 agnelli di razza Comisana. Gli agnelli in...

  2. The presence of the dam affects the efficiency of gentling and feeding on the early establishment of the stockperson-lamb relationship

    | Contributor(s):: Boivin, X., Nowak, R., Terrazas Garcia, A.

    This experiment investigates how the maternal presence influences the effect of additional human contact in early age on the reaction of lambs to their stockperson. 40 twin-born lambs were involved in this experiment during their first 4 days of life. 10 pairs of twins were reared artificially...