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  1. Wildlife viewing and ecotourism : ethical, scientific, and value-based considerations

    Contributor(s):: Anton D. Pitts

    Management of wildlife viewing tourism, possibly as a legacy of management of hunting and trapping activities, tends to see its ultimate goal largely in terms of the sustainable human use of wildlife resources. However, where the potential impacts of human activities are non-lethal, the focus on...

  2. Understanding the Nature of Interactions Between Visitors and Mountain Goats (Oreamnos americanus) on the Hidden Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

    Contributor(s):: Sarah Ilene Markegard

    This study examined interactions between visitors and mountain goats on the most heavily used trail in Glacier National Park. The primary objective was to give park managers a baseline of unbiased, reliable data with which to make informed decisions and improve the quality of interactions between...