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  1. Physical activity, weight status, and neighborhood characteristics of dog walkers

    Contributor(s):: Coleman, K. J., Rosenberg, D. E., Conway, T. L., Sallis, J. F., Saelens, B. E., Frank, L. D., Cain, K.

  2. Relationships among dog ownership and leisure-time walking in Western Canadian adults

    Contributor(s):: Brown, S. G., Rhodes, R. E.

  3. The influence of the built environment, social environment and health behaviors on body mass index. results from RESIDE

    Contributor(s):: Christian, H., Giles-Corti, B., Knuiman, M., Timperio, A., Foster, S.

  4. Pet ownership may be a factor in improved health of the elderly

    Contributor(s):: Dembicki, D., Anderson, J.

  5. Dog ownership, health and physical activity: a critical review of the literature

    Contributor(s):: Cutt, H., Giles-Corti, B., Knuiman, M., Burke, V.

  6. Dog-walking: Motivation for adherence to a walking program

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, Rebecca A., Meadows, Richard L.

  7. African American women's experiences with physical activity in their daily lives

    Contributor(s):: Nies, M. A., Vollman, M., Cook, T.

  8. Health wire

  9. Your summer to-don't list

    Contributor(s):: Dolgoff, S.

  10. Family dog ownership and levels of physical activity in childhood: Findings from the Child Heart and Health Study in England

    Contributor(s):: Owen, Christopher G., Nightingale, Claire M., Rudnicka, Alicja R., Ekelund, Ulf, McMinn, Alison M., van Sluijs, Esther M. F., Griffin, Simon J., Cook, Derek G., Whincup, Peter H.

  11. Dog-human and dog-dog interactions of 260 dog-owning households in a community in Cheshire

    Contributor(s):: Westgarth, C., Pinchbeck, G. L., Bradshaw, J. W., Dawson, S., Gaskell, R. M., Christley, R. M.

  12. A theoretical model for human health and the pet connection

    Contributor(s):: Staats, S., Pierfelice, L., Kim, C., Crandell, R.