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  1. Health Benefits of Pet Ownership for Older Adults

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Molly Cook, Sydney Busch

    Background: Over the last few decades, life expectancy has increased causing a significant rise and rising number of senior citizens. This has resulted in greater demand and spending in healthcare for this growing population, due to, the increase risk for health problems that are associated...

  2. Therapeutic and Health Benefits of Horse-Human Interactions

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Chelsea Wiley

    With completing this thesis, I hope to achieve an answer that could potentially help numerous people with their recovery from tragic events or progress in their life overall. Horseback riding has been suggested to help special needs children and adults connect better with people and help them...

  3. What is your pet telling you?: Leslie Stewart at TEDxIdahoFalls

    | Contributor(s):: Leslie Stewart

    The human-animal bond has proven biological, psychological, and social effects – some that people recognize and some that people don’t. Knowing more about what your pet sees and feels within you can help you heal and be more healthy. It’s time to find out what your pet is...

  4. Neural mechanisms underlying human-animal interaction: An evolutionary perspective

    | Contributor(s):: Carter, C. Sue, Porges, Stephen W., Freund, Lisa S., McCune, Sandra, Esposito, Layla, Gee, Nancy R., McCardle, Peggy

  5. Dr Dog

    Animals Asia’s Dr Dog is an innovative animal-assisted therapy programme that provides people in need with what they need most – a best friend. The programme is also changing the way people feel about dogs. In China, where we focus our work, Dr Dog is challenging beliefs and changing...

  6. A review of the impacts and benefits of human-animal relationships

    | Contributor(s):: Mariah Howell

    Animals, both domestic and non-domestic, have played a crucial role in our social history for thousands of years. They appear in myths and literature dating from the prehistoric times to the present, and are vital to human culture, economy, and psychology. A review of the existing literature has...

  7. Magnolia Paws for Compassion

    Magnolia Paws for Compassion is a special program, created by Eisai Inc., which seeks to increase access to animal assistance and raise awareness of the many benefits that interaction with animals can provide to those coping with illness.As one part of this effort, Eisai is partnering with the...

  8. The Power of a Pet: Rustin Moore at TEDxOhioStateUniversity

    | Contributor(s):: Rustin Moore

    Dr. Rustin Moore tells us about zooeyia which includes the the power of the human-animal bond and the benefits of having a pet.Dr. Rustin Moore is the dean and Ruth Stanton Chair of Veterinary Medicine in the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Dean Moore is a board-certified equine...

  9. Institut fur Interdisziplinare Erforschung der Mensch-Tier-Beziehung(IEMT Schweiz)

    The Institute for Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Human-Animal-Relationship (IEMT Switzerland) is a non-profit organization recognized since 1990 and supports research on different aspects of the relationship between people and their pets.The human-animal relationship has a positive...

  10. Manimalis

    Manimalis is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of companion animals' positive effects on the individual and society at large. Manimalis founded in 1990 and is a religiously and politically independent organization whose mission is to collect, compile and...

  11. Pet ownership and physical health

    | Contributor(s):: Matchock, R. L.

  12. (Your) Life's book

    | Contributor(s):: Erasmo de Oliveira

    (Your) Life’s book Two pets in each home!ANIMALS ARE ANGELS and the fact is you came to this world with the RIGHT to have two of these angels at your home, so is the Nature’s law, so is the reality, the rest, is MATRIX, blablabla and political interest. And look that right is a...

  13. Walking the dog: The effect of pet ownership on human health and health behaviors

    | Contributor(s):: Utz, Rebecca L.

  14. Health Benefits and Health Cost Savings Due to Pets: Preliminary Estimates from an Australian National Survey

    | Contributor(s):: Headey, Bruce

  15. Apr 09 2014

    The Animals for Life (AFL) Foundation 2014 Forum

    Animal enthusiasts will gather to engage in meaningful contemplation, conversation and collaboration at the Animals for Life Forum on April 9, 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the second annual...

  16. Animal companions and one-year survival of patients after discharge from a coronary care unit

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Erika Friedmann, Aaron Honori Katcher, James Lynch, Sue Ann Thomas

    This study looked at the effects of social isolation and social support on the survival of patients whowere hospitalized in a CCU with a diagnosis of MI or angina pectoris (AP). Social factors have been reportedto account for some of the variation in the incidence of MI and AP (25,28), but...

  17. Call for Proposals

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    We are pleased to share this call for proposals for the 1st Global Conference: Making Sense of: The Animal and Human Bond, which will take place Sunday 13th July – Tuesday 15th July 2014...

  18. Summit Assistance Dogs

    Summit Assistance Dogs is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 in response to the overwhelming need for more trained service dogs. More than 55 million Americans live with various disabilities, and the national average waiting time to receive a service dog is two to five years.We are very...

  19. HABRI Central Reviews Your Brain on Nature - Over Hill, Over Dale

    01 Jul 2013 | Posted by Myrna Milani

    Read another HABRI reviewer’s take on this book at—-review

  20. Canine Partners for Life (CPL)

    For over 20 years, Canine Partners for Life (CPL) has been dedicated to training service dogs, home companion dogs, and residential companion dogs to assist individuals who have a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities.CPL was founded in 1989 by Darlene Sullivan, a former special...