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  1. Infectious threats from exotic pets: dermatological implications

    Contributor(s):: Rosen, T., Jablon, J.

  2. A study of rehabilitated juvenile hedgehogs after release into the wild

    Contributor(s):: Morris, P. A., Warwick, H.

    Because many juvenile hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) are "rehabilitated" with little or no previous experience of life in the wild, a study is described in which 12 such animals were monitored after release in Devon, UK. They quickly learned their way about, built nests and found them again, and...

  3. Released, rehabilitated hedgehogs: a follow-up study in Jersey

    Contributor(s):: Morris, P. A.

  4. The survival and welfare of hedgehogs ( Erinaceus europaeus ) after release back into the wild

    Contributor(s):: Reeve, N. J.

    Ten female hedgehogs were released into a rural woodland area (Surrey, UK) with a low natural hedgehog density, and radio-tracked for up to 108 days. 2 hedgehogs were also released in an urban area with an established hedgehog population and tracked for 109 and 131 days respectively. Most of the...

  5. Traps for killing stoats ( Mustela erminea ): improving welfare performance

    Contributor(s):: Warburton, B., Poutu, N., Peters, D., Waddington, P.

    Fenn traps are widely used in New Zealand for control of small predators. Introduced stoats (Mustela erminea) pose a significant risk to many indigenous New Zealand bird species, and the Department of Conservation (DOC) has used Fenn traps to reduce their numbers over the last 20-30 years....