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  1. An assessment of community understanding of the Human Animal Conservancy Self-Insurance Scheme and the impact of human-wildlife conflicts : a case study from the Kwandu conservancy, north-east Namibia.

    Contributor(s):: Marthin Kaukaha Kasaona

    The research problem of this mini-dissertation involves the conflicts between human and wildlife populations and the trialing of ‘compensation’ payouts that are emerging as a critical test within the conservancy. Crop raiders such as elephants, buffaloes, hippopotamus, bush pigs and...

  2. Human-Wildlife conflicts in Mwanachingwala conservation area(MCA) Kafue Flats of Zambia

    | Contributor(s):: Mutandalike Choonga S

    The study of the human-wildUfe conflicts in MCA Kafue flats was done in the month of August. The study used a structured questionnaire, focus group discussions and individual intennews unth randomly chosen individuals. Descriptive SPSS software was used to analyze the data at two levels: the...

  3. The pursuit of hippo-ness : hippopotamus and human

    | Contributor(s):: Alan Everett Franks

    The relationship between human and animal is a complex and strange one, and many have written and theorized on the matter over the centuries. Animal theory has become ensconced in a debate that has evolved with public discourse and now exists in a realm that has become clouded with...