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  1. The behavioural repertoire of non-breeding group-housed female laboratory rabbits ( Oryctolagus cuniculus )

    Contributor(s):: Held, S. D. E., Turner, R. J., Wootton, R. J.

    Many studies on group-housing of laboratory rabbits to date have focused on management aspects and economic implications. Our aim here is to provide behavioural background information for future investigations focusing on behavioural and welfare aspects of group-housing. In the present study, we...

  2. The early ontogeny of bar-gnawing in laboratory gerbils

    | Contributor(s):: Wiedenmayer, C.

  3. The effect of cubicle and straw yard housing of the behaviour, production and hoof health of dairy cows

    | Contributor(s):: Phillips, C. J. C., Schofield, S. A.

    In a study of 40 spring-calving dairy cows housed in a deep straw yard or a cubicle house from November to April cows in straw yards spent longer lying down and feeding, except during oestrus when they increased their time spent standing proportionately more than cows in cubicles. In the straw...