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  1. Parents as armchair ethologists: decreasing the risks of child-dog interactions

    Contributor(s):: McConnell, Patricia B.

  2. Animal-assisted interventions in child psychiatry

    Contributor(s):: Prothman, Anke, Fine, Aubrey H.

  3. Historical and cultural perspectives on human-pet interactions

    Contributor(s):: Serpell, James A.

  4. Challenges to human-animal interaction research: methodological issues and barriers to sustainability

    Contributor(s):: Thorpe, Roland J., Jr, Serpell, James A., Suomi, Stephen J.

  5. Research meets practice: issues for evidence-based training in human-animal interaction

    Contributor(s):: Trujillo, Kate, Tedeschi, Philip, Williams, James Herbert

  6. Community benefits of human-animal interactions... the ripple effect

    Contributor(s):: Wood, Lisa Jane

  7. History and culture: motivations for pet-keeping in Ancient Greece and Rome: a preliminary survey

    Contributor(s):: Bodson, Liliane

  8. Pets, families and interactions: pets in the network of family relationsips: an empirical study

    Contributor(s):: Bonas, Sheila, McNicholas, June, Collis, Glyn M.

  9. History and culture: the social significance of pet-keeping among Amazonian Indians

    Contributor(s):: Erikson, Philippe

  10. The nature of the relationship: comapnion animals and human health: physical and cardiovascular influences

    Contributor(s):: Friedmann, Erika, Thomas, Sue A., Eddy, Timothy J.

  11. Pets, families and interactions: the influence of current relationships upon pet animal acquisiton

    Contributor(s):: Harker, Rachel M., Collis, Glyn M., McNicholas, June

  12. History and culture: children, 'insects' and play in Japan

    Contributor(s):: Laurent, Erick L.

  13. History and culture: hunting and attachment to dogs in the Pre-Modern Period

    Contributor(s):: Menache, Sophia

  14. The nature of the relationship: love of pets and love of people

    Contributor(s):: Paul, Elizabeth S.

  15. The nature of the relationship: personality research on pets and their owners: conceptual issues and review

    Contributor(s):: Podberscek, Anthony L., Gosling, Samuel D.

  16. History and culture: creatures of the unconscious: companion animals as mediators

    Contributor(s):: Serpell, James A.

  17. Welfare and ethics: veterinary dilemmas: ambiguity and ambivalence in human-animal interaction

    Contributor(s):: Swabe, Joanna

  18. Beyond health: extending the definition of health to quality of life: models for measuring quality of life: implications for human-animal interaction research

    Contributor(s):: Barofsky, Ivan, Rowan, Andrew

  19. Quality of life outcomes: the relevance of animals to health and disease: the effect of a therapy dog on socialization and physiological indicators of stress in persons diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease

    Contributor(s):: Batson, Kathryn, McCabe, Barbara, Baun, Mara M., Wilson, Carol

  20. Human growth and development: age-specific quality of life outcomes: impact of pet ownership on the well-being of adolescents with few familial resources

    Contributor(s):: Bodmer, Nancy M.