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Members (1-20 of 26)

  1. Chris John Hergenrader

  2. Anita Ellen Aurit

  3. Lauren Humby

  4. Andrew Nicholas Rowan

  5. Donald Irwin Craig

  6. Natalie Kiddie

  7. Frania Shelley-Grielen

  8. Jody Sandler

  9. Sari Reis

  10. Katy Schroeder

    Ph.D. Candidate in Counseling, Oregon State UniversityAdjunct Instructor, Counselor Education, Prescott CollegeLPC Intern (Oregon)PATH, International Equine Specialist in Mental Health in Learning...

  11. Ellen Elizabeth Whipple

  12. Patricia Delorme

  13. Laura McCarty

  14. Laura P Clark

  15. Colin Steven Alsbro

    My name is Colin and I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. My current area of study, which is a combination of psychology, youth development, and holistic...

  16. Remy L Tankel

  17. Jerilee A Zezula

  18. Victor Chitic

  19. Kathy Janes

    BA, English - California State University, SacramentoCertificate in Animals and Human Health, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work/ Institute for Human-Animal Connection

  20. Rosemary Mc Donald