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  1. FosterFit

    Participants are assigned a foster dog partner who is with them every step of the way. During the course of the program, participants and their foster dogs work together to achieve health-oriented goals. Foster dogs are matched with participants at the start of the program, and they share a home...

  2. Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS)

    SCAS was established in 1979 to promote the study of human-companion animal interactions and raise awareness of the importance of pets in society.Over the past thirty years SCAS has established itself as the leading human-companion animal bond organisation in the UK through providing education,...

  3. Therapiehunde Schweiz VTHS

    The association ‘Therapiehunde Schweiz VTHS’ is an organisation for the promotion of animal-assisted therapy. The association was registered in 1994 as a non-profit, charitable organisation and is a member of IAHAIO (International Association of Human Animal Inter-Organisations). The...

  4. Manimalis

    Manimalis is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of companion animals' positive effects on the individual and society at large. Manimalis founded in 1990 and is a religiously and politically independent organization whose mission is to collect, compile and...

  5. Norsk Organisasjon for Dyreassistert Terapi (NODAT)

    Nodat (Norwegian Organisation for Animal-assisted therapy ) is a nationwide membership- driven organization . Nodat 's purpose is to work for health promotion using animals. This is a voluntary supplement to existing healthcare services. Nodat works for health and wellness through interaction...

  6. Domestic Cats (Felis silvestris catus) Do Not Show Signs of Secure Attachment to Their Owners

    | Contributor(s):: Potter, A., Mills, D. S.

  7. Animal welfare and the human/companion animal bond

    | Contributor(s):: Lockwood, Randall

  8. The Human/Companion Animal Bond: Cliche or Challenge?

    | Contributor(s):: Tannenbaum, Jerrold

  9. What have we got against pets?

    | Contributor(s):: Serpell, James

  10. Loving and losing a pet : a psychologist and a veterinarian share their wisdom

    | Contributor(s):: Stern, Michael, Cropper, Susan

  11. Love for animals and how it developed in Great Britain

    | Contributor(s):: Harwood, Dix

  12. Feb 20 2016

    Southern California Pet Expo

    The Annual SoCal Pet Expo is expected to be bigger and better than ever! This year's event will include tons of exhibitors, giveaways, adoption events, vaccinations, free nail trims, agility...

  13. School Interventions with Animals

    In recent years we have witnessed the growing importance of assistance and the involvement of animal therapeutic treatment processes in different populations. School interventions with animals is a leading country in this field, and has international recognition. The emphasis at the school is the...

  14. Modules in Anthrozoology

    Modules in Anthrozoology is an initiative by the Open University of the Netherlands and IAHAIO. The modules offer a series of short, theme-based learning blocks for professionals that are already working with animals, and for anyone who is new to the fascinating field of Human Animal...

  15. Study shows dog owners are happier and less neurotic than cat owners

    Forum › general-discussion › the-human-animal-bond-in-the-media

    Researchers at Manhattanville College surveyed 263 pet owners and found that dog owners were happier, more conscientious, and less neurotic than cat owners.  Read about the interesting...

  16. Doug the Pug Finds His Niche as a Therapy Dog: An Interview with Cate Archer

    02 Feb 2016 | Posted by Katie Carroll

    Doug the Pug, the therapy dog, is a little dog who makes a big impact.  With his gentle demeanor and loving nature, Doug can often be found bringing smiles to the faces of children, cuddling...

  17. Prisoners, pups, and PTSD: the grass roots response to veterans with PTSD

    | Contributor(s):: Furst, Gennifer

  18. Effects of Animal Assisted Therapy on Human Health

    | Contributor(s):: Gene Swanson

    The purpose of this thesis is to conduct an integrative review of existing literature focusing on Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), specifically canines, on human health. The reviewed articles were published between the years of 2000 to 2014, written in the English language, scholarly in nature, in...

  19. Man's Best Friend? Dogs and Pigs in Early Modern Germany

    | Contributor(s):: Alison Stewart

    When Jacob Seisenegger and Titian painted individual portraits of Emperor Charles V around 1532, a dog replaced such traditional accouterments of imperial power as crown, scepter, and orb.3 Charles placed one hand on the dog’s collar, a gesture indicating his companion’s noble...

  20. Re-evaluating the Role of Companion Animals in the Era of the Aging Boomer

    | Contributor(s):: Rebecca J. Huss

    The Census Bureau reports that the number of Americans sixty-five years and older is expected to double to 88.5 million by 2050, and will represent 19% of the population by 2030.  Not only is the percentage of the population over sixty-five years of age growing, but the...