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  1. A Difference that Makes a Difference: Welfare and the Equality of Consideration

    Contributor(s):: Weber, Elijah

  2. Jan 13 2016

    Advanced II: Interspecies Counselor Course

    This class is for beginning or experienced animal communicators who wish to engage in a dramatically life-enhancing, soul-evolving personal and professional experience. Judy will guide you to shift...

  3. Talking with dogs and cats : joining the conversation to improve behavior and bond with your animals

    Contributor(s):: Link, Tim

  4. Riding home: The power of horses to heal

    Contributor(s):: Hayes, Tim

  5. How to listen to your dog : the complete guide to communicating with man's best friend

    Contributor(s):: Cooper, Carlotta

  6. Barking and marking: decoding the language of dogs: Chris Ramsay at TEDxClevelandStateUniversity

    Contributor(s):: Chris Ramsay

    In this talk, Chris will give fascinating background into the world of dogs and how to keep man and man's best friend on their best behavior.With over a decade of study under his belt, Chris Ramsay, professional K9 specialist, can interpret the language of dogs – both vocal and...

  7. Social referencing and cat–human communication

    Contributor(s):: Merola, I., Lazzaroni, M., Marshall-Pescini, S., Prato-Previde, E.

  8. To Hear Horses Whisper: Rosalyn Berne at TEDxUVA

    UVA engineering professor Rosalyn Berne has spent a good deal of time talking to horses - and says that she can hear them talk back to her. In reflecting on her experiences, Berne's talk posits an innate biological connection that unites all living things, allowing us to communicate with...

  9. Inter-species Communication: Natalia Strokowska at TEDxWarsaw

    Natalia Strokowska loves exploring the world of animals: both domestic pets and wildlife around the globe. A freshly minted doctor of veterinary medicine, she has been travelling for years, getting experience in both clinical and research fields and has recently spoken at the World Veterinary...

  10. The Space Between Spoken and Unspoken: Dr. Siraya Chuenkamrai at TEDxLumpiniWomen

    Contributor(s):: Dr. Siraya Chuenkamrai

    Dr. Siraya Chuenkamrai, among Thailand's best-known animal doctors, speaks about the importance of communication without words. Speaking in the gentlest manner, the Cornell-educated veterinarian shows footage from her work with horses to illustrate her point. In one instance, she befriended a...

  11. Communication in Humans and Other Animals

    Contributor(s):: Hakansson, Gisela, Westander, Jennie

  12. On the Back of a Horse: Harnessing the Healing Power of the Human-Equine Bond

    Contributor(s):: Dorotik, Claire

  13. The secret language of dolphins

    Contributor(s):: St John, Patricia

  14. Learning to Hear the Silent Language of Horses : Lessons for the Psychotherapist

    Contributor(s):: Lyon, Deborah L.

  15. Wolf charmers and wolf leaders, from past to present

    Contributor(s):: Bernard, Daniel

  16. Enquête sur le [pouvoir thérapeutique' des dauphins. Etnographie d]une recherche

    Contributor(s):: Servais, Véronique

  17. How dogs dream : Amazonian natures and the politics of transspecies engagement

    Contributor(s):: Kohn, Eduardo O.

  18. Owls: images and voices in the Ojibwa and Midewiwin worlds

    Contributor(s):: Pomedli, Michael M.

  19. Sound of words, the voice of sounds: on the culture of communication with working oxen in Slovenia

    Contributor(s):: Smerdel, Inja

  20. The man and the dog

    Contributor(s):: Mlinar, Uros