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  1. New Online Human-Animal Interaction Course from Washington State University

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    Washington State University has recently announced a new online course entitled "Human-Animal Interaction: What We Know and What the Future Holds" as part of its Global Campus...

  2. Dogs Assist in Speech Therapy

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    A Florida hospital system uses therapy dogs in their speech pathology programs.  Children who work with the dogs have shown signs of improvement with their ability to pronounce words and...

  3. Warrior Canine Connection receives $750,000 DoD grant to research effects of HAB on those with PTSD

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    The Warrior Canine Connection, a group dedicated to rehabilitating veterans with PTSD and other psychological disorders through animal interaction, recently received a $750,000 grant from the...

  4. New Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin Launched

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    The American Psychological Association’s Human-Animal Interaction section has recently launched its new Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin containing new, peer-reviewed, HAI scholarship. The...