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  1. Animal tales: Pigs, people, and pigoons

    Contributor(s):: Tiffin, Helen, Simmons, Laurence, Armstrong, Philip

  2. Animal tales: Tails within tales

    Contributor(s):: Boyd, Brian, Simmons, Laurence, Armstrong, Philip

  3. Animal tales: Walking the dog

    Contributor(s):: Wedde, Ian, Simmons, Laurence, Armstrong, Philip

  4. Animal versus human consciousness: assessing evidence for animal consciousness: the question of episodic memory

    Contributor(s):: Droege, Paula, Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  5. Animal versus human consciousness: rethinking the cognitive abilities of animals

    Contributor(s):: Steiner, Gary, Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  6. Animal versus human consciousness: what are animals concious of?

    Contributor(s):: Morin, Alan, Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  7. Animals incorporated: "No Circus Without Animals"?: animal acts and ideology in the virtual circus

    Contributor(s):: Schwalm, Tanja, Simmons, Laurence, Armstrong, Philip

  8. Animals incorporated: Farming images: animal rights and agribusiness in the field of vision

    Contributor(s):: Armstrong, Philip, Simmons, Laurence

  9. Animals incorporated: What do animals dream of? Or King Kong as Darwinian screen animal

    Contributor(s):: Creed, Barbara, Simmons, Laurence, Armstrong, Philip

  10. Anthropomorphisms: can animals make "Art"? Popular and scientific discourses about expressivity and cognition in primates

    Contributor(s):: Desmond, Jane C., Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  11. Anthropomorphisms: science of the monkey mind: primate penchants and human pursuits

    Contributor(s):: Waller, Sara, Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  12. Anthropomorphisms: the historical animal mind: "Sagacity" in nineteenth-century Britain

    Contributor(s):: Boddice, Rob, Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  13. Bestiary: An introduction

    Contributor(s):: Simmons, Laurence, Armstrong, Philip

  14. Embodiments and interembodiments: brains, bodies, and minds: against a hierarchy of animal faculties

    Contributor(s):: Dillard-Wright, David, Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  15. Embodiments and interembodiments: inner experience as perception(like) with attitude

    Contributor(s):: Mitchell, Robert W., Smith, Julie A.

  16. Embodiments and interembodiments: the meaning of "Energy" in Cesar Millan's discourse in dogs

    Contributor(s):: Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  17. Embodiments and interembodiments: the voice of the living: becoming-artistic and the creaturely refrain in D. H. Lawrence's "Tortoise Shout"

    Contributor(s):: Rohman, Carrie, Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  18. Embodiments and interembodiments: thinking like a whale: interdisciplinary methods for the study of human-animal interactions

    Contributor(s):: Warkentin, Traci, Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  19. Embodiments and interembodiments: toward a privileging of the nonverbal: communication, corporeal synchrony, and transcendence in humans and horses

    Contributor(s):: Argent, Gala, Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.

  20. Embodiments and interembodiments: unique attributes of the elephant mind: perspectives on the human mind

    Contributor(s):: Hart, Benjamin L., Hart, Lynette A., Smith, Julie A., Mitchell, Robert W.