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  1. New Directions in Canine Assisted Therapy: Developing Canine Bonds with Children with Autism

    22 Jul 2014 | Posted by Patty Dobbs Gross

    This column focuses on the still unfolding fate of four golden pups delivered by North Star Molly this time last year. Three of these pups are now working in our program with their carefully chosen...

  2. Promoting Health and Wellness with the Human-Animal Bond: An Interview with Dr. Sven-G Hultman

    03 Mar 2014 | Posted by Angel Tobey

    Hailing all the way from Sweden, Dr. Sven-G Hultman was kind enough to grant me an interview about his work with the human-animal bond and his organization, the Swedish Caredog School. How it...

  3. It's Complicated: Meet Dr. Hal Herzog

    14 Oct 2013 | Posted by Megan Kendall

    What is your relationship with animals? It is a harder question to answer than you might originally think. Whatever your answer may be, it is most likely to be both justified yet contradictory in...

  4. The Value of Teamwork: Meet Kevin Hanrahan

    30 Jul 2013 | Posted by Megan Kendall

    Last week, Kevin Hanrahan was kind enough to sit down with us here at HABRI Central and share his experiences relating to the human-animal bond and his motivation to start his online blog. Kevin...

  5. The Human-Animal Bond in the Blogosphere: Meet Kimberly Gauthier and Keep the Tail Wagging

    17 Jun 2013 | Posted by Megan Kendall

    Ms. Gauthier with one of her dogs Conversation is important to Kimberly Gauthier. And she shows it. Ms. Gauthier blogs for Keep the Tail Wagging, her site devoted to the human-animal bond. She...

  6. A cohort to encourage, the healing strength in the human-animal bond: An Interview with Ms. Heddie Leger

    29 Apr 2013 | Posted by Megan Kendall

    The strong bond between humans and animals can have a vital impact on an individual’s well-being and become the center of a ripple effect of positive change for both the human and animal. This bond...