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Members (1-20 of 24)

  1. Adele Magill

  2. Anita Ellen Aurit

  3. Laura Thompson

  4. Rhonda Irwin

  5. Jasmina KardoŇ°

  6. John Pinsky

  7. Lizz Whitacre

  8. Paola van Dijk

  9. Samantha J Ward

  10. Hao Yu Shih

  11. Leeanne Marquez

  12. Bregje Nijs

  13. Dicki Kennedy

  14. Kimberly

  15. Gina Hansen

  16. Hope Wright

  17. Jeannette M Hartman

  18. Jeremy N Marchant-Forde

    1.Rudd, A.R.* and Marchant, J.N.* (1995) Aspects of farrowing and lactating sow behaviour. The Pig Journal, 34: 21-30 2.Marchant, J.N.*, Mendl, M.T., Rudd, A.R. and Broom, D.M. (1995) The effect of...

  19. Belinda Johnston

    Belinda Johnston MA VetMB MRCVS, a vet living in Suffolk, England is interested in all aspects of the human-animal bond and especially bereavement and emotional well-being. Currently developing a...

  20. Anne-Elizabeth Straub