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  1. Animal-Assisted Therapy: Motives and Rewards

    Contributor(s):: Kailee Victoria Collins

    Animal-assisted therapy is a complimentary therapy utilized in health care to provide goal-directed therapy using dogs. The purpose of this study was to understand what motivates individuals to being animal-assisted volunteering and rewards that encourage and sustain animal-assisted volunteering....

  2. Effect of a Wildlife Conservation Camp Experience in China on Student Knowledge of Animals, Care, Propensity for Environmental Stewardship, and Compassionate Behavior Toward Animals

    Contributor(s):: Sarah Marie Bexell, Dr. Olga S. Jarrett (adviser), Dr. Barbara Meyers (adviser), Dr. Olin E. Myers (adviser), Dr. Molly H. Weinburgh (adviser), Dr. Rebecca J. Snyder (adviser), Dr. Yali Zhao (adviser)

    The goal of conservation education is positive behavior change toward animals and the environment. This study was conducted to determine whether participation in a wildlife conservation education camp was effective in positively changing 8-12 year old students’: (a) knowledge of animals, (b) care...