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  1. "Take me under your wing" - love in animal-assisted psychotherapy: a clinical perspective on the unique therapeutic bond between animals and humans [Practice]

    Contributor(s):: Lev-Bendov, S., Barel, I., Parish-Plass, N.

  2. "What does the turtle have inside its house?" Animal-assisted psychotherapy with foster children [Practice]

    Contributor(s):: Hellmann, S., Parish-Plass, N.

  3. Animal-assisted group psychotherapy for children [Practice]

    Contributor(s):: Harel, O., Parish-Plass, N.

  4. Animal-assisted psychotherapy from an attachment perspective [Theory]

    Contributor(s):: Zilcha-Mano, S., Parish-Plass, N.

  5. Anthropocentrism and the definition of 'Cuture' as a maker of the human/animal divide

    Contributor(s):: Tonutti, Sabrina, Boddice, Rob

  6. Anthropomorphism and the animal subject

    Contributor(s):: Taylor, Nik, Boddice, Rob

  7. Are animals poor in the world? A critique of Heidegger's anthropocentrism

    Contributor(s):: Tonner, Philip, Boddice, Rob

  8. Around cats

    Contributor(s):: Goldstein, E. J. C., Greene, C. E., Schlossberg, D.

    This chapter focuses on diseases transmitted from cats to humans. The diseases transmitted by inhalation (bordetellosis, plague and Q fever), vectors (ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, cat scratch disease, bacillary angiomatosis, flea-borne spotted fever, murine typhus and leishmaniasis), faecal-oral...

  9. Benefits of the human-dog relationship

    Contributor(s):: Turner, D. C., Waiblinger, E., Meslin, F. X.

  10. Dilemmas, questions, and issues concerning the integration of animals into the psychotherapy setting [Issues]

    Contributor(s):: Parish-Plass, N., Oren, D.

  11. Domestic animals: their role in family life and child development

    Contributor(s):: Bossard, James H. S.

  12. Elements of group psychotherapy found in individual animal-assisted psychotherapy [Theory]

    Contributor(s):: Ish-Lev, H., Amit, R., Parish-Plass, N.

  13. Epistemological and ontological investigations: the making of the human: anthropocentrism in modern social thought

    Contributor(s):: Nimmo, Richie, Boddice, Rob

  14. Epistemological and ontological investigations: the view from somewhere: anthropocentrism in metaethics

    Contributor(s):: DeLapp, Kevin, Boddice, Rob

  15. Epistemological and ontological investigations: what is the quintessence of dust? The concept of 'Human' and its origins

    Contributor(s):: Sax, Boria, Boddice, Rob

  16. Equine-facilitated psychotherapy: practice, theory, and empirical knowledge [Theory]

    Contributor(s):: Bachi, K., Parish-Plass, N.

  17. Fat companions: understanding the welfare effects of obesity in cats and dogs

    Contributor(s):: Sandoe, P., Corr, S., Palmer, C., Appleby, M. C., Weary, D. M.

    Overfeeding is arguably the most significant feeding-related welfare problem for companion animals in developed countries. From an animal welfare perspective, the amount fed presents a dilemma between avoiding feelings of hunger and maximizing animal health. This chapter will not only focus on...

  18. Feminist aspects of animal abuse

    Contributor(s):: Tiplady, C.

  19. Forward

    Contributor(s):: Boddice, Rob

  20. Forward

    Contributor(s):: Boddice, Rob