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  1. Kyne–Donner Model of Authority’s Recommendation and Hurricane Evacuation Decisions: A Study of Hypothetical Hurricane Event in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas

    Contributor(s):: Kyne, Dean, Donner, William

  2. Resources for Pet, Poultry and Livestock Owners Affected by Natural Disasters

    Contributor(s):: Floron C. Faries, Jason J. Cleere

    This publication lists agencies and other organizations that can help locate missing pets and livestock, assist with carcass disposal, provide animal feed, and help in other ways after a disaster. There are phone numbers and Web addresses for each organization.

  3. The PETS Act: a legal life preserver

    Contributor(s):: Nolen, R. Scott

  4. Pet Ownership in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

    Contributor(s):: Jessica Middlebrooks Shapiro

    I originally chose this topic because I have always been fond of New Orleans, Louisiana and animals. My mother was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and would often visit New Orleans. Growing up, she spoke of New Orleans’ culture, music and food. In December 2010 I visited New...

  5. Emergency Planning for Animals

    Contributor(s):: Tuttle, Hilary

  6. The Dogs and Cats of Belle Chasse: A Veterinary Perspective on Disaster Preparedness

    Contributor(s):: Susan McGinley

    When the residents of Belle Chasse, Louisiana were evacuated for Hurricane Katrina in September 2005, they were not allowed to bring any animals with them to Red Cross shelters. Thousands of people from the small, rural agricultural community in Plaquemain Parish, about 14 miles south of New...

  7. Psychological sequelae of pet loss following Hurricane Katrina

    Contributor(s):: Hunt, M., Al-Awadi, H., Johnson, M.

    One of the many impacts of natural disasters on the well-being of the humans who experience them is enforced abandonment and loss of companion animals. Hurricane Katrina, which struck the gulf coast of the United States in late August, 2005, was such a disaster. This study assessed the...

  8. Emergency Animal Management during Disasters

    Contributor(s):: Angela I. Dement

    Natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires continue to demonstrate how important it is to have local emergency and disaster management plans. Yet often, the need to care for livestock and family pets during emergencies is overlooked. The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) wrote an...

  9. Newsletter of The American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians, Volume 20

    Full-text: Available

    Contents: Greetings from the Louisiana State University, pg 1What We Learned From the Hurricanes, pg 3Shelter, pg 5Disaster Preparedness, pg 7Veterinarians in the Community, pg 9Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital, pg 10The First International Symposium, pg 11Coming Events, pg 11

  10. Dimensions of the human-animal bond and evacuation decisions among pet owners during Hurricane Ike

    Contributor(s):: Brackenridge, S., Zottarelli, L. K., Rider, E., Carlsen-Landy, B.

  11. The role of pets in the experience of Hurricane Charley victims: A phenomenological study

    Contributor(s):: Orr, Amy E.

  12. Filling the ark : animal welfare in disasters

    Contributor(s):: Irvine, Leslie

  13. Broken bond: An exploration of human factors associated with companion animal loss during Hurricane Katrina

    Contributor(s):: Zottarelli, Lisa K.

  14. The impact of pet loss on the perceived social support and psychological distress of hurricane survivors

    Contributor(s):: Lowe, Sarah R., Rhodes, Jean E., Zwiebach, Liza, Chan, Christian S.

  15. Mental Health and Recovery in the Gulf Coast After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

    Contributor(s):: Weisler, Richard H., Barbee, James G. I. V., Townsend, Mark H.

  16. Conservation of resources and coping self-efficacy predicting distress following a natural disaster: A causal model analysis where the environment meets the mind

    Contributor(s):: Benight, Charles C., Ironson, Gail, Klebe, Kelli, Carver, Charles S., Wynings, Christina, Burnett, Kent, Greenwood, Debra, Baum, Andrew, Schneiderman, Neil

  17. The power of verbal treatment settings

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Myrna Milani

    In wildlife biology and ethology, a concept known as the "Confidence Effect" describes how animals that successfully overcome some challenge are more likely to succeed again; conversely, animals that fail have a higher probability of failing again. Whether the animal is an insect or mammal,...

  18. How to evacuate a psychiatric hospital: A Hurricane Katrina success story

    | Contributor(s):: Thomas, Joan, Lackey, Nancy

  19. Tropical storm and hurricane recovery and preparedness strategies

    | Contributor(s):: Goodwin, B. S., Jr., Donaho, J. C.

    The goal of this article is to present lessons learned from the devastating effects of two specific natural disasters in Texas: Tropical Storm Allison, which flooded Houston in June 2001, and Hurricane Ike, which caused severe damage in Galveston in September 2008. When a disaster is predictable,...

  20. Clues from Katrina: human-animal bond and diversity in practice

    | Contributor(s):: Greenhill, L. M.