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  1. Manifestations of chronic and acute stress in dogs

    Contributor(s):: Beerda, B., Schilder, M. B. H., Hooff, J. A. R. A. M. van, Vries, H. W. de

    In order to evaluate stress responses as potential indicators of poor welfare in dogs, studies dealing with dogs subjected to stressors (noise of up to 3000 Hz at a level of 70, 78 and 87 dB, transport, electric shock) were reviewed. Several sources of misinterpretation have to be considered...

  2. The behavioural, physiological and immunological responses of lambs from two rearing systems and two genotypes to exposure to humans

    Contributor(s):: Goddard, P. J., Fawcett, A. R., Macdonald, A. J., Reid, H. W.

    96 lambs of 2 genotypes (Scottish Blackface: BF and Texel x (Blue-faced Leicester x Scottish Blackface): T) were studied. From birth to weaning 1 of 2 management regimes was applied: extensive (E), whereby animals were handled as little as possible or semi-intensive (I), in which lambs...

  3. A perspective on vaccine guidelines and titer tests for dogs

    Contributor(s):: Moore, G. E., Glickman, L. T.

  4. Psychoneuroimmunology: Toward a mind-body model

    Contributor(s):: Pelletier, Kenneth R., Herzing, Denise L.

  5. Psychoneuroimmunology: Toward a mindbody model: A critical review

    Contributor(s):: Pelletier, Kenneth R., Herzing, Denise L.

  6. Animal-based measures for welfare assessment

    Contributor(s):: Sevi, A.

    Animal welfare assessment cannot be irrespective of measures taken on animals. Indeed, housing parameters related to structures, design and micro-environment, even when reliable and easier to take, can only identify conditions which could be detrimental to animal welfare, but cannot predict poor...

  7. Artificial weaning in sheep: consequences on behavioural, hormonal and immuno-pathological indicators of welfare

    Contributor(s):: Orgeur, P., Mavric, N., Yvore, P., Bernard, S., Nowak, R., Schaal, B., Levy, F.

    The consequences on animal welfare of 2 weaning procedures currently used for sheep in France: (1) progressive weaning (PROG) with daily separation starting when lambs are 3.5 weeks of age increasing in duration until definitive weaning at 3 months and (2) sudden weaning (SUDD) at 3 months, were...

  8. Evaluation of the acute phase protein haptoglobin as an indicator of herd health in slaughter pigs

    Contributor(s):: Berg, A. van den, Danuser, J., Frey, J., Regula, G.

    Health is an important aspect of animal welfare, which is difficult to assess at herd level. Clinical examination of individual animals is time-consuming, and most measures of clinical herd health depend significantly on the examiner. Acute phase proteins are produced during inflammatory...