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  1. Robin Greene

    Hey,I am  Robin Greene working as Technical Expert, having expertise in resolving different errors and issues occurring on any printer or computer. Just dial Our Hp support phone number to...

  2. Bringing together emerging and endemic zoonoses surveillance: shared challenges and a common solution

    Contributor(s):: Jo Halliday, Chris Daborn, Harriet Auty, Zacharia Mtema, Tiziana Lembo, Barend M. deC. Bronsvoort, Ian Handel, Darryn Knobel, Katie Hampson, Sarah Cleaveland

    Early detection of disease outbreaks in human and animal populations is crucial to the effective surveillance of emerging infectious diseases. However, there are marked geographical disparities in capacity for early detection of outbreaks, which limit the effectiveness of global surveillance...

  3. Supporting Pet-to-Family Reunification in Disaster by Leveraging Human and Machine Computation

    Contributor(s):: Barron, Joshua Franklin

  4. 2008 SNRS abstracts -- C

  5. The week in nursing