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  1. 'A very rare and difficult thing': Ecofeminism, attention to animal suffering, and the disappearance of the subject

    Contributor(s):: Adams, Carol

  2. 'Caught with ourselves in the net of life and time': Traditional views of animals in religion

    Contributor(s):: Patton, Kimberley

  3. 'Why Umbulka killed his master': Aboriginal reconciliation and the Australian wild dog (Canis lupus dingo)

    Contributor(s):: McIntosh, Ian

  4. A boy's best friend: Using human-animal interaction with at-risk teen boys

    Contributor(s):: Thomas, Jessica, Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  5. A conceptual framework for human

    Contributor(s):: Wilson, Cindy C.

  6. A glimpse at the future of animal-assisted interventions: Selected commentaries

    Contributor(s):: Turner, Dennis C., Rowan, Andrew N., Herzog, Harold, McCune, Sandra, Kruger, Katherine A., Griffin, James A., Esposito, Layla, Freund, Lisa S., Bures, Regina, Hurley, Karyl J., Gee, Nancy R., Fine, Aubrey H.

  7. A new understanding of man's best friend: A proposed contextual model for the exploration of human-animal interaction among insecurely attached males

    Contributor(s):: Blazina, Chris, O'Neil, James M., Denke, Robyn, Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  8. A theoretical basis for health benefits of pet ownership: Attachment versus psychological support

    Contributor(s):: Collis, Glyn M., McNicholas, June

  9. Advancing the social neuroscience of human-animal interaction: The role of salivary bioscience

    Contributor(s):: Dreschel, Nancy A., Granger, Douglas A., Freund, Lisa S., McCune, Sandra, Esposito, Layla, Gee, Nancy R., McCardle, Peggy

  10. Affiliation in human-animal interaction

    Contributor(s):: Beetz, Andrea, Bales, Karen, Freund, Lisa S., McCune, Sandra, Esposito, Layla, Gee, Nancy R., McCardle, Peggy

  11. Against Zoos

    Contributor(s):: Jamieson, Dale

  12. Aggression in canine females

    Contributor(s):: Scott, John Paul

  13. Animal abuse and developmental psychopathology

    Contributor(s):: Ascione, Frank R., Maruyama, Mika

  14. Animal assisted group interventions for the treatment of trauma

    Contributor(s):: DePrekel, Molly, Neznik, Kay, Trotter, Kay Sudekum

  15. Animal assisted psychotherapy and equine facilitated psychotherapy

    Contributor(s):: Brooks, Susan M.

  16. Animal companions

    Contributor(s):: L'Abate, Luciano

  17. Animal companions and military veterans: How dogs can help America's heroes

    Contributor(s):: Carper, Teri L., Bartone, Anne S., Petty, Frederick C., Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  18. Animal-assisted intervention in health care contexts

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, R.A.

  19. Animal-assisted interventions in historical perspective

    Contributor(s):: Serpell, James A., Fine, Aubrey H.

  20. Animal-assisted therapy for sexually abused children

    Contributor(s):: Reichert, Elisabeth, Bermel, Lindsey, Sori, Catherine Ford, Hecker, Lorna L., Bachenberg, Molli E.