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  1. 'Disgusting' animals: Primary school children's attitudes and myths of bats and spiders

    Contributor(s):: Prokop, Pavol, Tunnicliffe, Sue Dale

  2. 'Flexible personhood': Loving animals as family members in Israel

    Contributor(s):: Shir‐Vertesh, Dafna

  3. 'From Kids and Horses: Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy for Children': Author's Retraction and Apology

  4. 'I wish people had ears like horses': Horses as therapists

    Contributor(s):: Gibbons, Judith L., Poelker, Katelyn E.

  5. 'I'm just a'-walking the dog': Correlates of regular dog walking

    Contributor(s):: Christian, Hayley, Giles-Corti, Billie, Knuiman, Matthew

  6. 'It's like being in another world': Demonstrating the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding for individuals with psychiatric disability

    Contributor(s):: Bizub, Anne L., Joy, Ann, Davidson, Larry

  7. 'My Dog's Just Like Me': Dog Ownership as a Gender Display

    Contributor(s):: Ramirez, Michael

  8. 'Parrots are 'more human' than chickens': Erratum

    Contributor(s):: Abel, Ernest L.

  9. 'Queen of the world': Experiences of 'at-risk' young people participating in equine-assisted learning/therapy

    Contributor(s):: Burgon, Hannah Louise

    There is a significant body of research into the benefits of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) but less into the fields known as equine-assisted learning and therapy (EAL/EAT) where horses are incorporated in therapeutic and learning interventions. This paper explores the experiences of seven...

  10. 'The Dog You Deserve': Ambivalence in the K-9 Officer/Patrol Dog Relationship

    Contributor(s):: Sanders, Clinton R.

  11. 'Unwilling' versus 'unable': Do grey parrots understand human intentional actions?

    Contributor(s):: Péron, Franck, Rat-Fischer, Lauriane, Nagle, Laurent, Bovet, Dalila

  12. A Blue Tit got me thinking ... Reflections on the therapeutic aspects of human-animal relationships

    Contributor(s):: Owen, Jill

  13. A brief report: The use of experimenter-given cues by South American sea lions

    Contributor(s):: Highfill, Lauren E., Schwammer, Harald, Kuczaj, Stan A.

  14. A commentary on 'Understanding dog-human companionship.'

    Contributor(s):: Durgee, Jeffrey F.

  15. A comparative analysis of animals' understanding of the human pointing gesture

    Contributor(s):: Miklósi, Ádam, Soproni, Krisztina

  16. A Comparative Study of the Use of Visual Communicative Signals in Interactions Between Dogs (Canis familiaris) and Humans and Cats (Felis catus) and Humans

    Contributor(s):: Miklósi, Áam, Pongrácz, Péter, Lakatos, Gabriella, Topál, József, Csányi, Vilmos

  17. A conception of moral sensitivity and everyday consumption practices: Insights from the moralizing discourses of pet owners

    Contributor(s):: McEachern, Morven G., Cheetham, Fiona

  18. A day at the zoo through the lens of Jessica Benjamin's Bonds of love

    Contributor(s):: Bassin, Donna

  19. A History of Prison Inmate-Animal Interaction Programs

    Contributor(s):: Strimple, Earl O.

  20. A Model of Animal Selfhood: Expanding Interactionist Possibilities

    Contributor(s):: Irvine, Leslie

    Interaction between people and companion animals provides the basis for a model of the self that does not depend on spoken language. Drawing on ethnographic research in an animal shelter as well as interviews and autoethnography, this article argues that interaction between people and animals...