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  1. Behavioural and physiological reactions of goats confronted with an unfamiliar group either when alone or with two peers

    Contributor(s):: Patt, Antonia, Gygax, Lorenz, Wechsler, Beat, Hillmann, Edna, Palme, Rupert, Keil, Nina M.

    When introduced into a new herd, goats are confronted with unfamiliar animals. Their behavioural and physiological reactions during this confrontation are likely to differ depending on the presence or absence of familiar conspecifics (peers). To assess these reactions, we confronted 12 goats both...

  2. Human-cat relationship in an oceanic biosphere reserve: the case of La Palma Island, Canary archipelago

    Contributor(s):: Medina, F. M., Nogales, M., Farnworth, M. J., Bonnaud, E.

    Removal of feral cats from island environments is a useful mechanism by which their ecological impact on endangered species can be reduced or ended. Nevertheless, because cats are anthropogenic in their origins, social perceptions of management practices play a large role in their implementation....

  3. Introduced domestic animals in the Neolithic and metal age of the Philippines evidence from Nagsabaran, northern Luzon

    Contributor(s):: Amano, Noel

  4. New archaeozoological evidence for the introduction of the guinea pig to Europe

    Contributor(s):: Pigière, Fabienne

  5. Excited to be here!

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    I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Michigan, retired from Community Mental Health but now in "soft retirement" in my solo private practice. Also an Infant Mental Health...

  6. Morbidity and mortality of invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals at a major exotic companion animal wholesaler

    Contributor(s):: Ashley, S., Brown, S., Ledford, J., Martin, J., Nash, A. E., Terry, A., Tristan, T., Warwick, C.

    The authors formally investigated a major international wildlife wholesaler and subsequently confiscated more than 26,400 nonhuman animals of 171 species and types. Approximately 80% of the nonhuman animals were identified as grossly sick, injured, or dead, with the remaining in suspected...

  7. Introduction of foreign female Asian elephants ( Elephas maximus ) into an existing group: behavioural reactions and changes in cortisol levels

    Contributor(s):: Schmid, J., Heistermann, M., Ganslosser, U., Hodges, J. K.

    The present study examined the extent to which the introduction of three female Asian elephants (aged 3, 11 and 27 years) into a group of 5 (1 male, 4 female) elephants at Munster zoo, Germany, affects the behaviour and urinary cortisol levels of the animals involved. At Munster, only the females...

  8. The effects of intrusion on the behaviour of caged laboratory rats ( Rattus norvegicus ): consequences for welfare

    Contributor(s):: Barclay, R.

    This experiment examines the consequences and welfare implications of the introduction of new rats to established (resident) caged laboratory rat groups. The effects on investigatory and aggressive behaviours of the established and the newly introduced rats were measured. The aggressive status...